You can also bring your role playing characters to PvP

PvP is probably what attracted me to Guild wars the most. For those who love PvP as much as I do, Factions is a must have game, as it allows massive ‘Captures the enemies base’ type games, while still offering Guild versus Guild battles and the Arenas. One good thing about PvP is the fact that you can start of at lvl 20 (the maximum level) to enter the arenas of Alliance Battles straight away. For every kill you or your team makes, you unlock faction which can be used to purchase skills for your PvP chars, allowing you to make them stronger. You can also bring your role playing characters to PvP, to test out your characters strengths and weaknesses. Guild vs Guild battles are possibly the most innovative PvP part of the game.

After making or joining a guild, your guild can acquire its own island with a fortress. This fortress can then be equipped with various things, effectively turning it into a small town. During GvG, the battle is hosted at one of the guild’s guild fortresses, which the other guild has to storm, and kill the guild leader. This type of gameplay is possibly the best PvP factor in the game, with trebuchets and explosive being used, archers and guardsmen lining the walls and plazas, and intense warfare. Flaws: Only one flaw comes to mind, which is the low level cap. However, this forces you to try and use your character more wisely, as later on in the game the enemies you face will be lvl 24-32, making Elite skills a must-have.

Overall: Despite the low level cap, the graphics, storyline, gameplay and PvP options more than compensate, giving this game a rating of 10 out 10. I have always said to myself that I wouldn’t play WOW because I knew I would be putting so much money into something that would get me nowhere. So you’re probabaly thinking what I’m going to say next is, “but when I found Guild Wars, everything changed!” Guild Wars is incredible, because its not really an RPG. Well, it is, but its more like Kingdom Hearts mixed with WOW and Spiderman 2, all of which you only pay 30 dollars for and then never again if you want.