World Of Warcraft Official Written Review

I’m sure by now most of you already know somewhat about World of Warcraft or (WoW) for short, that it is one of the most popular and successful MMO’s out there for a little over 6 and a half years now, with over 12 million subscribers and counting. I bet your wondering why is this game so popular? And if I were to get this game why would I spend $15 every month? Well lets discuss some of the negative and positive things about this game.
World of Warcraft takes place several years after Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. There is a great tension throughout the world. The horde and alliance are rebuilding their kingdom after the great war, And now new threats are arising to destroy the world once again.
Lets get talking about this game’s graphics. World of Warcrafts graphics are exceptionally good. The reason why im only saying “good” is because the graphics have more of a toony look to it so therefore, it may not appeal to everyone. But it still doesn’t mean this game looks nor influences that the gameplay’s not to be taken seriously. A great thing comes as a result of these toony graphics, that the game can virtually be played on any pc/mac regardless of what type of graphics card you use, this is also one of the reasons why there are so any subscribers, not to mention World of Warcraft is the most polished MMO out there to date.
Now lets get talking about the most important thing, GAMEPLAY!.
There are two factions in World of  Warcraft, Alliance, and the Horde these two factions are at war with each other, constantly budding heads and fighting over territory, as well as resources. There are six Races for each of the two factions. Alliance has Human, Dwarf, Night Elf ,  Gnome, Draenei, and Worgen. And the Horde Races are Orc, Undead, Tauren, Troll, Blood Elf, and Goblin. Each race has a choice of male or female. There are ten available classes, each are unique from one another. The classes include, Warrior, Death knight, Paladin, Shaman, Hunter, Mage, Rogue, Warlock, Priest, Druid. There are also certain Roles most of these class have available to you which are Tank, Healer, and also DPS “Damage Class”. Below is some mid level gameplay.
This game is a great for all veteran and noobie players alike, the starting Zones are easy so you can get the hang of playing a new MMO, but at the same time somewhat challenging so veteran players can have fun as well. All zones feel very different and have there known story/twist to it. Every quest feels like your doing something new, and doesn’t feel like you are getting nowhere. If you enjoy questing in MMO’s, then WoW’s for you! With over 8,000 quests throughout the world that will surly keep you wanting more.
If questing isn’t your thing then there’s still much more to do! There are dungeons/instances that require you to get into a party of 5 players, and take on the harder to kill enemies that would more-less be impossible to take on yourself. These harder to kill enemies also have improved loot to share with your party.
Even after you complete all instances and the loot is no longer an upgrade for you, there’s an option for a heroic mode with even greater enemies and bosses, with some of the most valuable loot throughout the game as a reward.
If you are a pvp fan then WoW offers some of the most intense and action packed pvp I personally think that’s out there right now. Featuring capture the flag (Warsong Gulch ),  Territory capture (Arathi Basin), full scale warzones (Wintergrasp), and much much more, World Of Warcraft can pretty much be played as a PVP experience as a whole.
Doing Instances is one of my favorite things to do in World of Warcraft, but after doing the same one over and over again till you reach the right level to progress to the next, somewhat more challenging instance, can also get old for the more veteran players like myself, but this experience may be a lot different to newer players.
PvP is also very fun but at times other classes feel unbalanced and even over powered at times, but what MMO doesn’t feel unbalanced!
Finally comes the raiding. The raiding in this MMO feels like none other and for that I give Blizzard props, but it doesn’t mean there’s not downfalls.