World of Warcraft Battlegrounds; a series: Arathi Basin

This is the next in my series of articles about World of Warcraft battlegrounds. Arathi Basin is about capturing and holding territories. They are the: Stables, Farm, Lumber Mill (LM), Mine and Blacksmith (BS). Resources are collected from these and the more of them your team holds the quicker victory is achieved. 1600 resources is the target.
Whilst waiting for the match to start your team should discuss tactics. The first should be to divide your team into three balanced groups, or as balanced as possible, with tanks, DPS and healers in all three. The first group will hold the stable (Alliance) or farm (Horde), the second will fight for the LM, the third for the BS.

As my characters are in the Alliance faction. I will write the rest of this article from an Alliance perspective. It will be easy enough to adapt for a Horde battle plan.

What the Horde are likely to have done is headed to the mine and left the farm poorly defended, or undefended. They will also have split their team into less than five members per group. Your LM group should head towards the Farm immediately and take it down quickly. You will find that the stables will be attacked and, presuming all of that group are keeping to the plan, it should be defended successfully.

If all has gone smoothly your team will now hold four resources. It is, I would say, impossible to retain this position from purely a defensive strategy and the aim should be to push the Horde back to their starting area. So to maintain this momentum the stable group should head towards the mine and secure it. The BS group, depending on their present situation, should move onto the farm. They will need to check the map to make sure the Horde mine group is not heading their way first of all.

The farm group should be ensuring that the Horde are unable to get past to head to any of the resources. This is best achieved by pushing on up to the Horde base and attacking any Horde that emerge. If the Horde have any sense they will come out in a large group, but rarely do you get that kind of coordination.

Once the mine has been secured and all five resources are held the end is in sight. Apart from a couple of Rogues or Druids everyone should then head in a large group into the Horde base and spawning area. The Rogue and Druid should make sure that no Horde have escaped the net and retake quickly any resources captured.

Many people will have negative views about the tactic outlined, and of course it does rely on all the team following orders and all of the initial encounters being won. Some will argue that only three resources need to be held and defended, which sounds good in theory, but will lead to the Horde zerging (attacking en masse) a base at a time.

A purely defensive strategy will not work. It has to be a combination of defence and attack. The strategy I have put forward will win most Arathi Basin battles, mainly because teams do not discuss strategy. The strategy outlined should be the one pursued throughout the course of the battle. In other words if the initial tactic does not deliver the three resources the groups continue to keep to the plan until they do and then they push on.

It is fairly easy to see on this map that the only real choke points are the starting bases. However, the initial LM group that moved on to take the farm can make sure that the Horde are not able to head towards the LM or BS (but they will need to ensure they do not fall for a diversionary tactic and end up losing the farm). Likewise it is evident that a group moving up from the mine can set up a choke point preventing access to the mine and BS. But be aware that the water can be crossed! So as I said, the definitive choke point is the base itself.

There you have a winning tactic so go out and earn your Honour Points!
Hopefully, if you are a new player you will have picked up a few useful tips. If you need a few more come and join me on my website which is specifically for new players.

The author, Philip Bailey, been playing this game and other PC games, on and off, over a number of years and is able to pass on his wealth of experience and know how.