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Who Is Kalandra In Path Of Exile

Who is Kalandra In PoE? You may find nothing if you searched in the wiki/forum. Unlike poe items, it’s never actually ever mentioned in any of the lore bits as to who Kalandra was. Prior to FoO, I would’ve said that Kalandra was simply a talented thaumaturgist in Atziri’s court, possibly even the maker of her many many mirrors that she kept in the throne room. There’s no evidence for this but is kinda fits.

kalandra’s actually the name for the ‘mirrored’ world, a parallel universe to the one we know. Most trivial things are the same, like generic weapons. Some historically important events changed (why you cant mirror uniques) and some things are ever so slightly different. For example, in Kalandra, the templar wears pants. ONLY wears pants.

Path of Exile

I don’t think she would have taken the new name when actually taking the throne but perhaps actually found immortality with (or without) Doryani and when the empire under her fell, she fled until she finished the rituals and turned into what we now encounter her as, an immortal demon queen.

With FoO, we get the twin brothers of Innocence and Sin who are opposites (reflections) of one another. Their mother has never been named, as far as I’ve been able to find, but she is called the “Mother of Two” in the third stained glass window lore. With this in mind, I’ve somewhat swapped my opinion to her being their mother but it’s speculative at best.

Kalandra’s mirror can duplicate anything, kalandras shield reflects all DOT including self inflicted DOT, kalandras boots can teleport you anywhere, kalandras body armor gives you 5000hp + 5000 es +50% max chaos resist + 100% of all damage taken as chaos, kalandras helmets gives +20 levels and 100% more damage to any socketed gem, kalandras gloves makes your attacks never miss + instant hp/mp leech+100% base crit, kalandras belt gives you onslaught + 500% reduced mana reservation, kalandras necklace gives you 25% max all resistances.