What dress are you most proud to have obtained?


The main criteria that I use to decide which dresses to get is simply whatever I find good-looking. There are some exceptions to this rule, though. For instance, the Draenic Silk Robes [are] hardly particularly eye-catching, but it is rare to find on the Horde side (as it is an Alliance exclusive from their Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth), and it also has a very interesting backstory to it, where some night elves at Star’s Rest make fun of the robe’s original owner and his lack of fashion sense.

How much time and focus does collecting take up in relation to the rest of your play time?Once I set my eyes on a dress that I want, I usually put all the time I have in game towards getting my paws on it. This is excluding raid hours or when the guild needs me as I still maintain the collection as a hobby and will place it second to “serious” (if you can call it that) game time and guild business. More often than not the dresses I search for are a rare drop from an instance where I have limited tries per week or similar, which effectively bottlenecks the time I can devote to my collection as well.

I usually show off my collection to onlookers in Orgrimmar as well when I don’t have anything better to do and am just chilling out or standing around waiting for someone, so I guess you could say that takes some time as well.What’s your favorite dress?That depends on how you look at it. In my collection, it’s Alanna’s Embrace, hands down. The model is really pretty and it’s made mostly out of royal purple and hot pink, which are two of my favorite colours.

If you instead ask about my favorite dress in WoW, full stop, then my answer would have to be the Necro-Knight’s Garb from Naxxramas-40. It looks fantastic, and is also ridiculously rare since it no longer exists in game — and no dresses share its model, either, which is a terrible shame.As an honorable mention, I should add the Black Embersilk Gown, which has amazing details and a great design overall, proving that white items can be well worth their Chaos Orbs even though they don’t actually do anything.