We’re Looking for a WvW State of the Game Host!

Why don’t we just start State of the Game with WvW or PvE?
If you are an active Guild Wars 2 sPvP player there is a big chance you have heard about Guru State of the Game – and if you aren’t into sPvP there is a big chance you have been wondering why there weren’t a PvE or WvW equivalent of the show. This article is designed to help you understand where we are coming from and hopefully motivate people to help us start all these wanted new projects.

One thing you need to know is that Guru is ran entirely of volunteers who are just exceptionally dedicated and motivated to do the things they do here. Finding volunteers who are willing and able to put in multiple hours a week to maintaining or preparing something like State of the Game is really tough.

So when people ask, can’t you just start a PvE and WvW show? Yes, we could have such a show up and running in just a few days/weeks, we got the contacts and the platform is there. But finding someone who is willing to invest the amount of volunteer hours that is required is a whole other thing.

On top of that it is not just about finding someone willing – but also finding someone who is capable, has the technical experience and equipment to run a livestream show.

So what should you do?
If you think you are a fitting persona for the above description, then you should not hold back in contacting us. We have a huge platform, and we have people with years of experience available to guide you in this, but we need to know who you are before we can contact you.

A tendency I see with a lot of people is that they are afraid to come forward and ask. Most often these people create new shows, under their own name and simply get overwhelmed, which could easily have been avoided had they decided to start the project on our platform. A lot of people fear that if they come to us and ask to start a project, we will try to take it over and turn it into something they don’t want.