Vampire Katana Taiwan Fansite Interview with Guild Wars 2 Lead Designer Eric Flannum

  VK : In one of your videos we saw an asura jump from a destroyed golem. He started to cast fire spell on the ground. How do asura work with golems? Is play style the same for every profession controlling a golem or are there differences? For example, would an asura elementalist and an asura warrior have different skills when they control golems. Will asura have advantages during the battle with golems?
  Eric Flannum : What you saw the asura jumping out of was an asura battlesuit, which is a lot like a golem but with a controller inside. Asura racial skills allow asura players to summon and control both golems and battlesuits. Players of other races may get the opportunity to control golems or utilize battlesuits, but only for limited or controlled periods of time.
  VK : Some players are very interested in those NPC races, just like Kodan. Will we have a chance to play those races in the future?
  Eric Flannum : We are currently focused on finishing the game so that we can release it, so it’s too early for us to say what our plans for the future are.
  VK : As this game named “Guild Wars 2”, but we still don’t see lots of information about Guilds, can you tell us more details?
  Eric Flannum : We’re still working on the details of the guild system and are not ready to talk about them yet. But make sure to keep an eye our website and blog for information.
  VK : Does ArenaNet have any method or ways to curb inflation in the game world? Players may use some valuable items instead of in-game gold as currency. In your opinion, is this good or not?
  Eric Flannum : We are not quite ready to talk about our in-game economy yet, but we recognize that controlling inflation in an online world is extremely important.
  VK : We have a limited number of bag slots in Guild Wars, is it the same in the Guild Wars 2 or we will have bigger bags? Can we make bags by crafting?
  Eric Flannum : The storage system in Guild Wars 2 does feature more bag slots than in the original Guild Wars. We will allow crafters to create bags through crafting.
  VK : Can we customize the user interface in Guild Wars 2?
  Eric Flannum : The UI in Guild Wars 2 will be less customizable than it was in the first game. We’ll talk more about what options we’ll be giving players sometime in the future.
  VK : Is the new sylvari finished? What are the reasons that you want to redesign this race?
  Eric Flannum : Following the reveal of the old sylvari design, we observed player giving their feedback on forums and a significant number of them expressed their dislike of this design. We took note of that feedback and started working on a redesign which we finished at the end of last year. Since then, our character artists have been busy creating sylvari models which we’ll reveal during Sylvari Week before gamescom. You can read Sylvari Week posts on our blog.
  VK : If there three people stand in the water, and one elementalist casts a lightning spell to hit an enemy, will the other two people receive shock damage?
  Eric Flannum : Water doesn’t conduct electricity in Guild Wars 2. You’d have to be directly hit by the lightning spell to be affected by its effects.
VK : Will we see Cantha appear in the furture Guild Wars 2 expansion? The land of Cantha is very special for Asian players because we can see and feel many familiar elements around our life in the game world. We all expect Cantha to come back again .
  Eric Flannum : We understand how important the Canthan continent is for Asian players, but communication with the continent has been cut from Tyria during the era of Guild Wars 2. You get to see some of this story in Winds of Change, the latest part of Guild Wars Beyond which links the world of Guild Wars to Guild Wars 2. As we said above, we haven’t communicated our plans for Guild Wars 2 expansions, so it’s too early to tell the fate of Cantha in Guild Wars 2.
  VK : Do ArenaNet have plan for Asian territories, like publishing a Guild Wars 2 Chinese version?
  Eric Flannum : We haven’t announced plans about publishing Guild Wars 2 in Asia.
  VK : Do ArenaNet want to say anything to Asian fans that have supported them since Guild Wars?
  Eric Flannum : We want to thank all our Asian players for their support throughout the years and for their interest in Guild Wars 2!