Two days full stage! Visit the wild destroyer “MMORPG developer

From south Korean Nuri Vista company developed the science fiction MMORPG the Wild Buster “(for the Wild destroyer), is by thirty-two developers a year’s time, looking down at the Angle of the MMORPG, is expected to start in the second half of this year in South Korea on domestic test.
A few days ago, the wild destroyer “developer, CuiJun PD tells the story of the game development concept. CuiJun PD said, “the wild destroyer” is about two days of full level, and by using the way of looking down at the Angle shot MMORPG. In the game, not only the multifarious task, also not boring to upgrade.
1. The view, looking down at the MMORPG, no target attack modeThe wild destroyer “is the goal of no way of looking down at the Angle of attack action MMORPG. In the game, the player can use the keyboard mobile role, use the mouse to determine the direction of the shot. Because players in the game role and enemies have ranged weapons, the picture will not only appear in the act, battle is fast speed. At the same time, and characters, can through to roll from the enemy’s attack, still can through the grenade attack surrounding enemies. In fact, the “shot” is another word, than the “action” is a word more accord with this game.

2. Career over 40, full level 2 days only!

The wild destroyer “role full levels are relatively fast. If the player a day only playing games, 2 day can be full level. And to prevent players in full after class boring, the wild destroyer “by the account for the unit to the growth of the system. For example, the player to A vocational and professional ascended to the full grade B can choose C professional, or is to get through D professional meet the corresponding condition, vocational skills will B strengthening. That is, encourage players to play a variety of professional.

At present, the developer is preparing for more than 20 different career, if you include the profession is in the planning, the total number of more than 40 kinds of career. At the same time, the game also has unique props system. For example, if a player 10 car collection different color of motorcycle can get 1 armored cars, to collect 10 armored vehicle can get 1 tank car.