Trading Post Basic’s

Accessing the Trading post is extremely easy, simply locate and press the “O” key on your keyboard and the interface will appear like magic! Alternatively you can pay a visit to one of the many black lion Trader’s scattered around Tyria. I personally prefer using the Trading Post building in Lions Arch as it is a very popular location for chatting on my server.
To collect an item or gold from the Trading Post, you must visit a Black Lion Trader and collect them from the “pick up” tab.
When the Interface opens, you will see the initial landing page (pictured below) displaying some useful information about the game’s top traded, supplied, demanded and valued items. It is important to pay attention to these items as they are often profitable to “flip”.
Listing Fee

When posting an item to the Trading Post, a 5% tax is imposed. This fee is non refundable, even if you remove your item without a sale. The reason this exists is to dissuade people from using the Trading Post as an unlimited bank account and to add an additional gold sink into the game. (to remove gold from circulation)