To celebrate the release of the Brazilian Portuguese version of World of Warcraft

The Brazilian Portuguese version of World of Warcraft, which includes the content of thefirst expansion, The

Burning Crusade®, will be available in stores throughout Brazil at a suggested retail price of BRL 29.90.

Fully localized versions of the second and third expansions, Wrath of the Lich Kingâ„¢ and Cataclysmâ„¢, will also

be available the same day at a suggested retail price of BRL 99.90 each.Each game will come packaged in a DVD

case and will include the game media and documentation in Brazilian Portuguese. Subscription plans will be

available at launch at an expected price of BRL 15 (30 days), BRL 42 (90 days), and BRL 78 (180 day). Sixty-

day time cards will also be available in retail stores at launch.

With the upcoming launch of the next World of Warcraft content update, Hour of Twilight (patch 4.3), current

players on North American realms will be able to begin downloading and installing a free language pack to play

World of Warcraft in Brazilian Portuguese. Designated Brazilian Portuguese realms will be opening on December

6 as an option for players who have installed the language pack or purchased the Brazilian Portuguese version

of the game. Also beginning on December 6, Blizzard will for a limited time be offering free character

transfers from specific North American realms with high Brazilian populations to the new Brazilian

realms.Further details will be posted to launch.