There are two camps, 80% were regular not 20%

The wild destroyer of regular units and the existing in such as regular two camps. Although the same for the human, but treatment is but worlds apart. Among them, the regular forces can freely use the resources of the city, still can do convenient access to relevant materials task.

Instead, the regular game environment is more terrible. These include, not only can only use the area of the city, materials are to be self-sufficient. For example, arms to rob the way through regular obtain.

In the process, the differences between the two camps are obvious. Although upgrade speed almost, but not regular troops more difficult than the regular game to difficult several times. However, the regular forces can do so many things. For example, the area is not going to go to regular or invasion of regular players copy, etc.

As for the balance between factions, CuiJun PD said, “the wild destroyer” and the structure of the war is not a one-on-one, we forecast is 80% of the proportion of the regular forces, the regular forces 20%. He said, the regular game though high difficulty, but because the combat experience the unique and special content, there will be many hardcore players to choose.

On the other hand, the game will every day for players with team to accomplish the mission of or in the field of battle, participate in specific map battlefield and customs clearance specific copy, let players easily play games. And the task of receiving, on the same day fails to complete the task of the disappear automatically, to reduce the burden of the players.