The wow next mysterious game

The Develop-Online said that Blizzard is developing a mysterious game online which use the free operating mode, in order to avoid the suspicion of fabricated and rumor rumors, they also said that the news is from in the informant of Blizzard. The wow online game only has the “charge carriers” and “free operation” two paths to select. And each paths has a 50% probability. Even if it is true Blizzard confirm, this is not the quality of broke the news really. However, it has the 50% probability. Blizzard has a good reason to choose the free mode of operation to avoid the fees online game “World of Warcraft” faced the turnover of players.

If Blizzard can’t always let the players stay in the “World of Warcraft”, at least should make them stay in the war this platform. The significance is important for retaining players in the platform. The success of Steam already explained everything. As long as the players continued the landing net, they would have been sticking to Blizzard’s own platform. It is the basis for making money. In recent years, Blizzard has been trying a new pricing strategy. The World of Warcraft starts to a two-way charging through the sale of small pets and mounts. The World of Warcraft has enjoy a peak period to maintain the monthly and the card system pricing model will led to turnover of customers.

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