The Villains of RS Lucien’s Fortress: Lucien

Lucien’s Fortress: Lucien

Knowledge is power, so they say. If that truly is the case, then adventurers should beware of Lucien. Though seemingly a weak human when you first meet him in the Temple of Ikov quest, his appearance serves only to deceive. Lucien, in truth, is actually an extraordinarily powerful Mahjarrat and necromancer.

Having weakened since the last rejuvenation ritual, Lucien is determined to get back to full strength as soon as possible. Lucien is able to summon an unfathomable number of beasts during battle, and apparently shows no limitations when summoning.

Considered the most dangerous Mahjarrat alive, Lucien’s intentions are as frightening as his true form. He plans to become the undisputed lord of the Mahjarrat, threatening Zamorak’s very authority, and will manipulate as many people and situations as he possibly can to achieve his goals.

Lucien’s inhuman strength and immense power make his a name to be feared by all. It’s even speculated that Lucien is able to perform an incantation that can bind demons to a state of torment where they heal and burn simultaneously.More content, please click: game runescape power leveling.