The System of Talents in the Game

This concerns in foreign currencies in the cash shop, AKA the micro transactions. For those of you who don’t know what micro transactions, micro transactions are things like, as the animals that you can buy, as the little bear, KT, and etc. Now, many people have a problem with these types of transactions in the game, because it seems to break the game economy. Let me sort of explain how it happens. You buy the animal; you put the pet on the auction house, because it is BOE. Someone or buy it.
A people who really want to for the jewel happen real-life money on the animal, sell it for gold, and then take the gold medal and buy the jewel, to any purchase of the animal to get the jewel. And it is that people do not like, and most of the Guild Wars 2 also guides sites. Gems, the big problem with them is, they are not related to the character that you acquired for. They may be placed on the auction house and guild wars 2 gold in the game. The person who bought the animal with money now has gold. Therefore, they indirectly bought gold with money, and now they can take gold in World of Warcraft and buying jeweler very well it is a BOE leave a lot of raid.
What we know, it is that you will be able to buy skins, such as armor and weapons, skins which does not give you one unfair advantage over the other. It is just stuff that you want to. If you want to buy it, hey, cool, you’ll have a nice, held Christmas theme. I guess they will do things for the holidays or something. But, they said, countless times, to each Congress. This is the quote: it is never acceptable for players to spend the money to have an unfair advantage over the players who spend time. And they will stick to it. I am to believe that they will do, especially with the fact that they have a trading system. It is the only thing that hammers home for me.
They made a commercial system that was not as good as the system of talents in the game. It does allow you to customize your character very well. And then, in December, they said, well, we will redo the trading system. The other thing, he spoke in the blog note I want to cite. We will have a post of player to player in the game. It’s like the House of auction and buy guild wars 2 gold in the game, except better. I am looking forward to see what it is, because if it is a House auction, but in better and it somehow diminishes the question that people who buy these gems for money, which are simply indirectly buying gold through the sale on their post, will have a sort of unfair on the players advantagethen who will answer many questions for us.