The Strange Situation of Ossa

“You are too stupid, don’t ask me anymore, but you should not use it again!” The monk of Khulna said angrily.
“I cannot retake it, since I used it just now, so I have to wait for the end of the nature wraith.” In fact, there was still another method, and it was that the enemy destroyed the nature wraith. But Sparta and his mates knew the advantage of the fire wraith, so they would not destroy it.
Finally the monk of Khulna had no blue and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, and if a monk had no blue, it meant that he would also lose all of his blood.
Morgan did not want to see this war anymore, so he told them to go off, and then he said politely: “I can see the perfect performance of the warriors of the Spear of Sun today, I am so lucky. These warriors are so young, but you are so powerful! No wonder you have so much Guild Wars 2 gold.”
Morgan praised the persons of Spear of Sun apparently, in fact, he was not kind, and as if he wanted to say: “The Spear of Sun is really powerful, and it will threaten our Khulna.”
The general still smiled, and then he said: “There are some pirates recently, and we express our condolences for the dead people who were killed by the pirates. At the same time, the Spear of Sun attacked the pirates heavily faster than us, so we should thank the Spear of Sun.”
But suddenly Morgan became very serious, and as if he was thinking about something. This situation lasted for a long time, and Sparta was going to ask him: “Are you fine? Is your stomach is uncomfortable? Maybe you ate something bad.”
“No, my dinner was very delicious, and I nearly forgot to buy Guild Wars 2 gold.” The general answered suddenly.
Sparta was scared, and he wanted to know that how Morgan knew his thoughts.
“It is nothing, I am only thinking about my dinner.” Morgan said, and then he changed the topic, “But there is still another matter, young man, you must help me.”
“What do you want me to do for you? Do you need the Guild Wars 2 gold?” Sparta asked, and he felt that the general was so pure-hearted, so Sparta did not want to refuse him.
“Ossa is a talent commander in chief, but she is still young, so she lacks the knowledge and experience. I think that she needs a teacher, and Coyote is best person. But recently I found that Ossa talked some strange matters with Coyote, they said that the night would fall and so on, I could not understand their words.”