The Show Time of Us in Guild Wars 2

The four warriors used many skills of axe, and the enemy even did not have enough time to open the block and buy Guild Wars 2 gold, and then he fell to the ground. Another person wanted to run away, but the warrior opened the onrushing stance, he began to catch up with the player.
Now I thought the skills of the warriors were also perfect, but after I thought about their skills carefully, and then I found that the key of their skills was the skill of I Want Revenge.
If the pets did not die, they would not have the attack speed, and they also could not add blood or cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, they scraped up the anger slowly, so they could not use the great skills. If a warrior died, though they could also use the skill of I Want Revenge, but a person was more important than a dog, if they lost a person, they would be weaker.
I thought it would be better if the players killed the persons first, and then they could kill the dogs. But it was a pity that the players failed, and they walked out of the arena, the warrior got the win, and their dogs were resurrected at the same time.
“Come here, my lovely dog!” The warrior looked at his dog kindly, how could he let the dog go to die just now?
“Don’t blame me, because if you die, I could revenge for you, and then we could get much Guild Wars 2 gold, if you don’t die, I will die.”
We decided to fight with the warriors, I called the ice empress out, and I took her enchantments. I asked Santana whether she had some single tapping skills, because the fire skills would kill the dogs easily, and it would be good to the warriors.
“We could use the skill of Will Burning.” Yes, it was right, and it was the best fire elite skill of Samaria, because she destroyed our roast with it before.
The challenge started, it was the map of Tomb of Hero again, the four warriors with their dogs appeared.
“In order to the win of your hosts, go to die bravely!” They were too bad, the warriors stopped suddenly, and they put down their axes and Guild Wars 2 gold, they picked up the heavy bow, and they shot out an arrow, the pets went to bite the arrow. The longbow could guild the pets, it was a great skill of freelancer, and I did not think they could use it.