The Relation between Saris and Dagmar in Guil

The prince was different from his father, his father’s eyes were covered with the right and the reverence, and he lost the nature. The prince was the son of people, he cared the people really. So people were so sad to lose their prince, they even wanted to save the prince with all of their cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.

“I am so glad to see your sadness. I am the god!” Dagmar laughed as a crazy man, and he really considered himself as the god of the Shiver peak, it seemed that he thought that he got the win finally, and all of us would be killed by him, we were very angry.

“Excuse me, leader, the Frost Gate is opened by the enemies.” A soldier came to tell Dagmar hurriedly. It seemed that the soldier knew that he was going to be blamed, and he looked at the leader carefully, because he knew that if Dagmar was angry, it would be bad, maybe he would be killed by Dagmar.

“It does not matter, we don’t need the Frost Gate any more, we have more important goal. Let’s go to the south Shiver peak, I want to get the capital of the country, it is the Gornar Bellybreaker, and we will get much Guild Wars 2 gold.” Dagmar said, and then he left with his monster, they went to the south way.

The soldier was very happy to hear that, because he did not need to die, and then he followed his leader happily, of course, he went to buy Guild Wars 2 gold for the leader first. The army of the dwarves of the Stone Summit set out.

“Stop! You are real ogre! You killed our prince!” Dwayna said angrily. We understood her.

“Let him leave, he is a mere innocent boy, and he is my cousin.” Saris said suddenly.

“What did you say just now? Is Dagmar your cousin?” I was very surprised to hear that.

“Yes, we have the same ancestor. In fact, it could be said that all of the dwarves are brothers, and we come from the snow god.”

“Don’t tell me the useless story, I only want to know whether you are brothers, are you related really?”

“Yes, his grandfather is my grandfather, and his grandmother is my grandmother, so we are brothers.” I felt that he was too boring.

After a while, Saris said again: “He was a spoiled child when he was young, because my grandfather and grandmother very liked him, they gave him much Guild Wars 2 gold before, so he thought that he was the greatest man, he was even stronger than the god. I am his elder cousin, and I don’t teach him well, so it is my fault, and I should say sorry to you.”