The Purification of Cantha


Reiko, then a member of the Ministry of Flame, makes her first strides toward rallying the people of Cantha to fight back against the Afflicted. With Ashu at her side as a symbol of hope, her message resonates with the people. Little by little, Canthans begin to take their fate into their own hands.

Reiko begins to rise in the ranks of the Ministry of Flame, as she and Ashu become renowned public figures. They speak more often with the people of Cantha, offering the promise of change and the hope for a better future, free of the Affliction.

Reiko becomes increasingly dissatisfied with the restrictions of the Ministry of Flame. Finding flaws in the system—the needless bureaucracy, political maneuverings, and personal agendas—she comes to the realization that something greater needs to happen if Cantha is ever going to be able to move forward.

Reiko officially establishes the Ministry of Purity, with Ashu as a central figure. The Ministry of Purity makes dealing with that which harms Cantha its goal: to take action when all other branches of the government are content to turn a blind eye, pass the issues off as the emperor’s problem, or fault the other Ministries.

The Ministry of Purity begins in earnest its campaign to finally rid Cantha of the Afflicted. Brave men and women rally to their cause, eager to make their homes safe once more. The fight continues, and the Ministry of Purity welcomes all those with the heart and the will to join them.