The pineapple rice joyful day

Everyone today than seen too much awesome news. That’s right, today is April 1 April fool’s day. Blizzard is the habit of every day on April fool’s day will do something players happy once, but later nature has a habit, the annual April fool’s day whether blizzard official or community player will try to get some of the interesting things to be entertained. Who let this is such a festival! On April 1, the past, let’s look at 2012 this April fool’s day of what was going on.

Officials from the United States blizzard stories in the news, blizzard announced they developed a series of “green blizzard” game. And that the game is designed for teenagers the design of “health” game, parents will no longer have to worry about the kids play blizzard games and delaying study, built-in web site on flash get-away drama, very cool (play to you crazy). However, this article through the work of blizzard of China is a blizzard of after polishing, become more interesting. Inside a lot of current network spit fashion slot point? Don’t know you have not found! And blizzard itself also put content to let a person do not know whether to laugh or cry: what is called 18 one full year of life more minor ah. Also, not is say good youth game yao, for MAO “find ah find ah find Kane” 35 one full year of life is to adapt the adults above it. Crushing rush!

Keep up with the green the game and announces, this article is starcraft 2 stories in the subject. Blizzard claims for the mobile platform they developed a new game-starcraft: supply station! Aaah, aaah, was forced to up the wall of the universe of human developed to control the fortunes of war secret weapon exactly is what kind of? Want to know it, the good news is that you can on the web online experience this game. Well, strategy is the depot to click on the Terran riflemen in the past. But you know, if you don’t let that man in the past, would he be always with you to TianHuangDeLao nonsense, you have ability endure…