The Oracles in the Army

“Are the monsters so powerful? Do they have much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold? I hear that there is ghost.” Sparta asked, and in fact, he was not afraid of ghost, because he did not see the ghost in realistic world, and he did not know the appearance of the ghost in the game, so he felt very strange.
“Don’t be afraid of the ghost, but there are some kinds of wild animals, and they are very troublesome, the most powerful monster is hawk person.” Bernard said.
“What is the hawk person?” Sparta asked.
“It is a kind of monster in Greek mythology, and it is also recorded in the Egyptian legend, the common characteristic is that the hawk persons are women, and their upper bodies including their heads are human, they have much Guild Wars 2 gold, but they have wings like birds, and they also have feet of birds. Nobody knows where the monsters come from, and some people say that they were human beings before, and they were beautiful women.” Bernard said, and then he laughed.
Sparta began to hate the monk.
“Because the hawk women look like human beings, so they are very clever, and they are stronger than simple monsters. The hawk women could use the skills, and they are good at using the skills we use, and they could buy Guild Wars 2 gold for their mates, especially you, you are an oracle.” Rancor said, and then he pointed at Sparta.
“What do you mean? Is there the oracle among the hawk women?” Sparta asked.
“Yes, and their oracles are as the same as the ones of human beings, they are leaders of the army for hawk women, they use their singing to rouse their mates, and then the hawk women will be stronger. So when you fight with the hawk women, you should better kill the oracles of them first.” Bernard said to Sparta.
“Well, let’s set out!” Sparta said excitedly, because he could run a risk again, of course, he could get the Guild Wars 2 gold again.
“Don’t hurry, there is still a mate here, come here, let me introduce for you, this is a new player, and she was Hadley.” Bernard said, and Hadley was as same as people of Iona, she also had black skin, but she was very healthy and beautiful, and Sparta could even see the light from her skin.
Because it was too hot in Iona, so people in Iona wore loose clothes, but Hadley was very sexy.
Sparta said to Hadley politely: “Glad to see you, beautiful girl.”