The night elves normally inhabited the druidic haven

Aman’Thul had tasked him with upholding the purity of time no matter what harrowing events had taken or would eventually take place. On some level, the Timeless One’s charge seemed wrong to Ysera, but she was not one to question his duties. What do you say to a being who would do anything to protect the dragons of his flight, but now holds himself accountable for one of their deaths? she pondered. Her mind was a storm of fragmented thoughts. It was as if she were standing in a vast library ripped apart by a hurricane. Pages brimming with ideas and images whirled across her vision, but they were all parts of separate books.

Before the Awakened could grasp hold of anything meaningful, Nozdormu had left. An eerie silence followed. The night elves who normally inhabited the druidic haven were gracious enough to vacate it during the Aspects’ meetings, but the absence of bustling life gave the place a cold and hollow feel. “Whether or not the infinite flight is working in concert with Deathwing matters little,” Alexstrasza the Life-Binder, Dragonqueen of her kind and Aspect of the red flight, finally said. “The reason we have all agreed to stay in Hyjal is to strategize about how best to deal with him. The timeways conundrum is just further evidence that we must act quickly. Kalecgos, has your flight continued its research?”

The Aspect of the blue flight cleared his throat and straightened his back. Kalec’s amiable demeanor had become strangely formal of late. He was the youngest Aspect, recently chosen to lead his flight after its former leader, Malygos, had died. Ysera surmised that Kalec was trying to prove his worth to his fellow Aspects, when in truth they already saw him as their equal. Kalec swept his hand through the air, and a series of luminescent runes winked into existence, each detailing experiments his flight had conducted. The blues had scoured the ancient vaults of knowledge stored in their lair, the Nexus, for insight into Deathwing’s weaknesses. Kalec’s dragons were the stewards of magic, and if there was an answer hidden in the arcana, they would find it.