The Monk in Guild Wars 2

The Song of Energy could make all of the mates in the hearing range get four point of energy, if the mate used this skill, the recovered energy would disappear, it consumed 25 point of energy, the casting time was 1, and the cooling time was 30.
It was bad, if Sparta did not stop her singing, the monsters would have endless blue. Sparta jumped high, and he stayed in the sky, and then he sang the Flame Hymn. The great fire power began to hit the monsters, and she did not have any skill for healing herself, so she lost much blood and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold soon.
But at this moment, a blue light appeared, and maybe a mate was healing her. Sparta and his mates looked around, and then they found a different monster, though she also had wings, she did not fly, and she got on the ground.
It was the Holy Black Eagle, she gave up the ability of flying and walking, so she had great healing skill, and she could give the team of hawk women many benefits and Guild Wars 2 gold, so it was a complementary profession. No wonder she could save the oracle.
Now Sparta knew that there was a monk monster here, when Sparta was looking at the monk monster, a long bow was threw out, and then the bow hit Sparta’s waist, and he was very hurt.
It was the Fortitude, and its profession was oracle, its type was spear for specialization, its attribute was spear attacking, after it hit the goal, it would give the goal 10 to 34 point of extra damage, this skill could not be blocked, and it consumed 7 point of anger, the casting time was 3.
This oracle of the monsters was powerful, nobody went to attack her, but after she went to buy Guild Wars 2 gold, she moved first.
The extra damage of Fortitude was high, and it was nearly as the same as the skills of axe attacking. This skill also could not be blocked, but it needed 3 seconds to get ready for it.
In fact, the speed of the spear was fast, she shot an arrow every 1.5 seconds, and the casting time of simple spear attacking was also 1.5 seconds, so the Fortitude should not have great destructive power.
“Look at me, it is the Lightning Spear!” Sparta said, he was also an oracle, so he wanted to fight with the oracle of the monsters by his skills and Guild Wars 2 gold.