The Loss of the White Mantle in Guild Wars 2

As if I saw the sweet smile on his face, though his face was covered by the shroud. I thought we should add the Guild Wars 2 gold quickly.
It was the Manipulation of Bone Demon, its profession was necromancer, and its type was death magic, it belonged to paternoster, it could use the nearest dead body to summon one bone demon who was in level 1 to 14, and the bone demon could use the ranged attack, it consumed twenty-five point of energy, the casting time was 3, and the cooling time was 5.
It was bad, because it seemed that the necromancer knight wanted to summon the undead retainer.
This bone demon was the strongest one among the undead retainers, because it could use the ranged attack, and the damage type was puncture, it could attack enemy badly.
Of course, a good skill needed to consume much energy, the bone demon had twenty-five point of blue, and other professions did not have the blue to summon the bone demon. We must buy Guild Wars 2 gold quickly.
The long evil incantation was over, we did not interrupt the ceremony of summoning the bone demon in time, and then a bone animal with a long tail was born on the dead body of the ghoul, and it looked like a dragon.
Just when the bone demon was born, it spited the spines out, and then we lost some blood and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold. We were very angry, and we burned the necromancer knight and the bone demon together, I believed that we could defeat them, we had six persons, and they only had one necromancer and a bone demon.
The necromancer knight knew the situation was bad, so he wanted to run away, but he turned back to have a look, and then he found that there was no his mate on the bridge.
We were also strange, there were many wraiths on the bridge just now, but now the bridge was empty, where did they go? Maybe they were afraid of us, and they knew our power, so they left. We did not have much time to think about this, after added the Guild Wars 2 gold, we began to cross the bridge quickly, and I took the pig and walked to the bridge.
“Stop them! Don’t let the Orr wraiths come into the village.”
“I could not stop them!”
“Yes, I am going to die.”
Many soldiers of the White Mantle Guild were killed by the wraith, and there were many dead bodies on the ground.