The List : 5 Things People Are B*tching About

This past weekend’s first major closed beta event for Guild Wars 2 was a very exciting time for players looking forward to the game from ArenaNet. There is so much to love about GW2 and most of the weekend went without a hitch. Still there are things that people are kvetching about. See what we discovered people are talking about in The List today and then add your own thoughts in the comments. Are they justified, or is it just “beta blues”?
5. No Asura, No Sylvari


During the previous closed beta press events, journalists were allowed to try out the Norn, Human and Charr races. Each was written about extensively and most were hopeful that the illusive Sylvari and the hysterical Asura would finally make their appearance in game. Sadly, we were all disappointed on logging in this weekend to find that neither was included in this particular event. Still hope springs eternal and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for the next event.


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Last week marked the annual CCP – EVE Online FanFest. We were on hand to hear all of the good things coming about about EVE Online and more. In this event report, we give you the skinny on all the haps at the Party on Top of the World. Check it out!


The latest ‘fan group hug’ at EveFest this year had the developer opening their hard drives and letting the contents spill out in keynote presentations, round table discussion, and more than a few bar crawls. Gaming might not be rock ‘n’ roll but CCP are always ready to give it their all, wireless keyboard and headset at the ready.