The Last Dwarf of the Stone Summit in Guild W

Our team had stronger ability of curing than the dwarves, because we had two monks, but the enemies only had a cavalry, and we had much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold. We also had stronger ability of attack, because we had two fire elementalists. But they could interrupt us more often, and their necromancer and Mesmer were powerful, only my shadow was wraith in our team, and I only had a few negative skills, the incantation of the dwarves was more powerful.
Yes, the problem was the profession of incantation.
I called out the shadow, because I wanted to get some bone babies, but now it seemed that maybe persons of our team would die first. So I thought that I’d better call out Agate, only we had stronger incantation, we would get the win.
Just when Agate came out, she used four skills to the enemies, and then the whole team of the dwarves was very painful, they lost much blood and Guild Wars 2 gold. More importantly, our two monks and two elementalists were saved out, and all of us could use our skills as we pleased. The prince and Adele went to hit the cavalry of the dwarves, now he was weak.
“No, it is impossible, I have the elite skill of protection, I won’t die.” There was a loud sound, maybe it was the wild yak under his body. And then he died.
“Great Dagmar, we let you down.” The rampant dwarf also died.
“It is a pity! I just have the arrow of Melandru, and I want to kill more enemies on the battlefield with my Guild Wars 2 gold, but now I have to go to another world to have training.” The elite bower of the dwarves fell down, and he left an elite book of freelancer, I thought Adele must like it.
Before the ice puppet died, he did not say a word; of course, I doubted whether he could speak. There was no dead body after he died, because he was made of ice. As if he released, and he did not need to be the slave of the dwarves of the Stone Summit, he needn’t to buy Guild Wars 2 gold for the dwarves; he would be free in the snow mountain as his friends.
We went to kill the necromancer at last. It seemed that this necromancer could only get rid of beneficial skills of others, and we thought he did not have other powerful skills.
When he lost half blood and Guild Wars 2 gold, he suddenly bit the prince, and then the prince also lost much blood. It seemed that his major was sucking blood.
But his next skill told us that he was not the necromancer of sucking blood. He used another skill, as long as he taught us, we would lose blood, but this skill would consume his blue.
This dwarf was a necromancer, and he was not the freelancer, so he did not have much blue, he could not use this skill all the time.
After he had no blue, we would not be afraid of this skill.
It was the Devotion of Blood, it was an elite skill, and its profession was necromancer, the dwarf used this skill to add blue, he changed blood for blue, but the blood he lost could be added by the former skill.
It was hard to kill him for us now; we should hit him more heavily. Adele shot a poisoned arrow, and Santana hit him with fire, and then he lost some blood and Guild Wars 2 gold.