“The join” PvP

“The join” PvP
“The join” is a kind of informal the tendency of the formal (structrued) PvP. Naturally, and other players will fight and PvE in general as monsters fight formal, but this is a test building (builds), study the map and try and other players for PvP game place. “The join” from the form of one-on-one (1 v1) to ten to ten (10 v10s).

Players can browse through to a string of can join the list of the game, each game that the current map, the number of players, and so on. Players can through the server number and friends lists to search. Even if a game going on, you also can be in any time to join or leave. If a party’s players leave, the server can automatic balance between the number of team players. Once the current round ends, the server will read cycle next map, players can choose again team, or began again to fight. This set to allow players to find the most like server, and through the and someone else to play more games to establish the same set of online group.

Tournament play
Championship is more inclined to organized official PvP. Championship in five to five (5 v5) on the form, but the adoption and “the join” the same map. The championship will be in many kinds of frequency, the various kinds of rewards level the same player allowed in smaller tournament was skill, until more major tournament in was more organized team beat.

Championship will have the following form:
(Pickup Tournaments) : this single out before the start of the tournament to wait until 8 team participation. When they start later, will carry on the three rounds of single elimination round, the winner will get qualification points (qualifier points).
(Monthly Tournaments) : Monthly need access to certain qualifications championship points can participate.
(Yearly Tournaments) : this kind of major championships provided to emerge from monthly championship winners receive a proof they are the best PvP chance of players.
(Player-Run Tournaments) : this kind of the championship will be by Player design, there is great freedom and unique boasting place.