The Idea of Rancor in Guild Wars 2

The monk had black skin, and there was no hair on his head, Sparta did not know who shaved his hair.
After Sparta looked at the monk, he felt he was so ugly, but when he saw the name of the monk, he was scared, the monk was Rancor, he was the person Sparta had to find, but Sparta did not know he was a monk. It was good, now Sparta found him, and then he could have new task, so he would get much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.
“Hello, grandpa, I want to talk with you.” Sparta said to the monk.
“Don’t call me grandpa, and I am not so old, call me uncle.” Rancor laughed.
Sparta was a little unhappy, and then he said slowly: “Coil called me to find the mining workers in this pit, and she said that you could help me and buy Guild Wars 2 gold for me.”
“Do you want to find the mining workers? Nobody is willing to come here, and there are kinds of brute wild animals here. Only one kind of human beings is willing to come here, and they are the pirates, but it is obvious that the pirates are not willing to be the mining workers, or else we catch him.”
“Oh my god, it is so terrible, what should we do?” Sparta asked, and he thought that they could not catch the pirate.
“It is very easy, and we should tell the people nearby that we find the gold in the pit, and then we will announce an ordinance, if a mining worker finds the gold, and then the gold belongs to the worker, the government could not get the Guild Wars 2 gold, so there will be more and more mining workers.” Before Sparta got to the Dawn Pit, Coil praised that Rancor was a very clever man, and he had many good ideas, after he said this, Sparta thought that what Coil said was right.
But Sparta doubted whether this idea was suitable.
“Is this idea good? Why does not Sur give an idea? He should know that the gold under the ground is the property of the government.” Sparta worried.
“It does not matter, my meaning is that we pretend to find the gold, in fact, we don’t find any gold or Guild Wars 2 gold here, and we even don’t find a shiny stone.” Bernard said.
“But there is still another job needs us to do, it is killing the monsters around the pit.”