The Five Elements For The Guild Wars 2 Kill The Star Wars OL



Recently there are lots of information about the game’s objection In the guild wars 2 ” official BBS. A player points out that the guild wars 2 “combat and the TERA” action poor where less than fight, the other player said LianJi process too repeat, and some of the old players ArenaNet said at the beginning of the game and the difference is too big and can not accept. Since Star Wars: the old republic “selling a month since this kind of criticism of never interrupt. Although there are some concerns about, but the guild wars 2 “is not like the Star Wars, for ArenaNet produced a good enough games can let players satisfaction.

1, the story does not prevent fun gameplay

2, the guild wars 2 “know how to interact in online players

3, “world feel of the guild wars 2 are more vivid

4, the guild wars 2 “and does not have a traditional mmo game

5 At present, compared with BioWare, ArenaNet have more experience in dealing with problems on the players

Whether the Star Wars or the guild wars 2 “in the sale done sufficient publicity, but obviously the Star Wars on sale performance is not very ideal after. If you can avoid ArenaNet repeat it?

Although there are nearly 2 month for the releasr of guild wars 2 “, but fans can come first appreciate games feel adventurous soundtrack. The official “guild wars 2″ acoustic set has a sale, the price is $29.99 ($, 191 RMB). The album features music than in the original CD collection contains more, the four dish of acoustic set with luxurious include many never published the music, at present it is only provide retail purchases.Each acoustic set has the musicians Jeremy Soule autograph, guild wars generation of all music early of his production. The original assembly shall deliver within the up around, and let all the lovers can dare in the release from music in experience before the guild wars 2 “.At the same time we will always pay our attention on this so that you could have a cheaper price to have guild war 2 gold,  besides we also have all kinds of items which you need in your game, maybe you could have a look at this time, or the price maybe up since the players have a lot.