The Dragon River in Guild Wars 2

Sparta felt surprised, because he knew the Night Fall was the title of the third chapter.
“Yes, Coyote said that the Night Fall is a simple astronomical phenomenon, it happened once every many years. He said that the horoscope stage was famous for observing the astronomical phenomena, so he wanted me to ask when I went to the horoscope stage. But I don’t feel it is a good matter, so I want you to ask.”
In fact, Morgan did not agree with it, because he felt it was evil. But he must be loyal to Khulna with his skills and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, so he should be loyal to Ossa.
Morgan could not say that he did not agree obviously, so he wanted Sparta to express his meaning. If Sparta could investigate the true reason, it would be better, but if he failed, and then people would forget it.
“How shall I ask?”
“You can go to the Dragon River, and it is closed to the mining field of you guild, you’d better take Knox with you, and you will find the person you want there, maybe you could get much Guild Wars 2 gold.” The Dragon River was on the west of the horoscope, directly over the cliff.
“But you should be careful, there are many dragon monsters there, they could be my dinner, but you may be their dinner.” The general said.
“I am not afraid of them.” Sparta said, and it seemed that he was unconvinced.
Sparta and his mates did not set out to the Dragon River, because it was too late, and it was time to go offline. Before they left, Sparta still looked at Hadley’s chest, and he wanted to kiss her.
“She is so beautiful, and it would be better that if I can come across such a girl in realistic world, I am willing to buy Guild Wars 2 gold for her.” Sparta thought in his heart, and then he fell asleep.
The four persons gathered at the west gate of horoscope stage on the second day, the surrounding of the Dragon River looked very luxuriant, and there were many green plants. But so many plants did not give Sparta and his mates the peace, instead of, they felt dangerous.
They did not know whether the plants would live, and maybe they would become the venom weeds. Maybe there were also some powerful enemies with the Guild Wars 2 gold behind the plants.
Though there were not so many plants on the plane, but people could see the enemy clearly.