The dragon battleaxe lure

This lure does not work longer since of Jagex’s update where items kept on death are determined by their Grand Exchange value. Usually, items kept on death would be determined by their Alchemy value. Therefore, since example rare items such as Party hats and Santa hats had their alchemy value by 1gp, people often used this to lure people of their rare by simply taking them to the wilderness and dropping 10k cash. The victim would pick up the cash and get killed for his rare. This lure, however, worked out so that a player would find another player with an Abyssal Whip or an Saradomin Godsword. The player would ask something like “Do you want to be in my PK vid intro?

 The player would then tell the victim to only take his whip/ss with him. The victim would then follow the player into the wilderness, where the player usually tells them that he is going to make them low HP so it “looks real”. Then, they player would say something like “Here’s your reward” and trade him/drop 4 Dragon Battleaxes. This also worked with Dragon plate skirts or Rune Halberds and Torags Hammers. The victim would pick these items up, and the player would kill him instantly, usually by DDS. Since the 4 items had a higher alchemy value than the Abyssal Whip/Saradomin Godsword, the item the victim had would be dropped and looted by the lurer.

 However, when this still worked someone tried to lure me like this, but just picked up the items and logged out. Since our inception, we have experienced a long way to becoming one of the largest group in the Runescape gold and other game currency providing industry. Our dedicated support team has consistently displayed professionalism while not losing the personal touch when assisting each of our customers with their distinctive needs. In the process, we have cultivated many long-term relationships with our valued customers. For that matter, we are grateful to have customers like you to be here every step of our growth. We work hard to offer the lowest prices as we can. We keep our prices as competitive as we can afford.