The Destruction of Maloney’s H

Just like Morgan said, there were many dragon monsters in the Dragon River. When they were in level 5, it was difficult to kill a dragon monster in level 10. But now Sparta and his mates were in level 8, they had stronger skills and much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, so it should not be so difficult.
Sparta saw a girl who had black skin surrounding by the dragon monsters and other monsters. She waved a long scythe, and it seemed that she was very handsome, and as if she was not in a battle, she was dancing. But Sparta thought that Hadley was more beautiful than this girl.
Though Hadley also had black skin, she was very healthy.
“Maloney, it is you!” Knox said, and it seemed that he knew this girl.
“Yes, Knox, you come, it is great! Please help me to kill these monsters quickly! I have no Guild Wars 2 gold!” Maloney said to Knox, so Knox rushed to kill some blade ants.
“Maloney, you should be in Khulna, why do you come here?” Knox asked.
“Yes, I was in Khulna before, but I have my own dream, and I want to prove my strength to the world, and I will bring my hometown honor.” Maloney said excitedly.
“You are really a good girl.” Knox said and smiled, and then he said again: “I remember that you always cried when you were a little child.”
“Have you known each other when you were little children?” Sparta said.
“Yes, she was born in a small village, and it is a poor village of Khulna. People of this village are always looked down upon; they even have no Guild Wars 2 gold, so Maloney wants to promote her hometown.” Knox said, and it seemed that he knew much about Maloney.
“Don’t talk about my hometown, and the village was destroyed by the bad people of Khulna.” Maloney said angrily.
It seemed that Maloney was very angry, and she nearly cried.
“Is that true? When did it happen?” Knox was very surprised, because he felt that the village was poor, and people there had no ability to buy Guild Wars 2 gold, but it was very beautiful.
“The people of Khulna said that this was an alteration, and because there was no good land, so the village was poor before, and then they cut the trees off, they also filled and leveled up the river, they said that they wanted to create lands for us.”
“It is too bad, they are so stupid, and they should know how to protect the environment!” Sparta said angrily, and he came out the words used in realistic world.