The degradable gloves have good combat stats

In free to play, there are a certain amount of bank spaces you can use, but you get the full space when you pay to play. You should make up a bank pin from the start of your game! What does 200 million accounts mean to you? What’s your fondest RuneScape memory? What content would you like to see in the future? Whether you’ve been with us since day one or for just one day, send us a video telling us of your experiences and you could be in line to win some suitably massive prizes. Among the prizes up for grabs are three lifetime memberships to RuneScape, limited edition t-shirts, and piles of beautiful, signed concept art.

.Vanquished players will also drop trophy bones, which can be exchanged for death titles and taunts to add insult to your defeated targets’ injury, as well as the permanent ability to gain run energy boosts from using fissures. There are also rogue’s gloves, which – if you’re lucky – can be obtained by looting the ancient remains of long-dead rogue warriors while you’re waiting for a target to be assigned to you. These degradable gloves have good combat stats and grant a bonus to maximum life points when worn, but cannot be used outside of the Crucible and must be repaired before their first use. Marv can do this for you, in exchange for trophy bones.

You’ll find full competition details, including tips for entering, example entries, and competition terms and conditions, on the dedicated thread So, pick up your weapon of choice and gather your courage, wits and fighting spirit. In the Crucible, it’s to kill or to be killed – and the stakes have never been higher! The entrance to the Crucible can be found to the north-east of Edgeville, next to the bridge leading to the Grand Exchange. Players in Runescape choose their own path and goal for RS gold, so there is no storyline to Runescape so players can do what they want.