The combat occupation in GW2

If you are very interested in Charr’s Iron legion personal story, and you do not know what is their first task is to like? They are radical! As one of the charr Iron legion, you are a very cool inventor, determined to invent expel the specter of equipment Ghostborn Musket, and intends to recruit more allies for their own battle. Flame and legion of those annoying guys often disrupt your plan. The low-grade steel Iron legion full of a variety of elements, penetration, inventions, ghosts, fries and so on. The game has single magic or remote attack? If so, need to face the target in the beginning and end of cast? Some spells will automatically lock the ultimate goal. For example, Mesmer, the first sword skills no matter the location at which or facing which direction will lock your target.

 Because the game is encouraged to take place, many targeted skills even if you change the location or the wrong angle can be good to hit the target. But there are a lot of skills do not need to lock the target, as long as the right direction can be, there are some skills range type AoE is, you can use the mouse to locate. “The Guild Wars 2″ engineer experiences the combine of machinery and black magic Engineer is the role which unifies the machinery and the black magic. Except may use increases the attribute and restores the life the medicament, they also have the type rich weapon, the modern age, black magic, unique. Engineer may use the spanner, the pistol, weapons and so on rifle attacks enemies at the same time, but can also lay aside the fort auxiliary attack.

 If you like the close combat occupation, perhaps engineer does not suit you. The initial weapon is a pistol, represents engineer to belong to the long-distance occupation, is good with tank’s coordination, engineer’s injury output can be easy and comfortable. If is approached by the enemy, engineer also has ability to repel them, perhaps the use slot skill, for instance the rocket boots spread out. Moreover the majority of weapons have the anchorage enemy’s skill, for instance the assault rifle shoots the net attack, can tie up the enemy with the rope to buy gw2 gold from us.