Path of Exile

The Classes Of POE: The Game Has A Somewhat Lasting Appeal

In Path of Exile, any class will work starting out, but you might want to look up starting builds so that you don’t horribly screw up your tree/gearing and more. Path of Exile has already turned a lot of heads thanks to its tight controls, lovingly crafted worlds and exciting top-down dungeon crawling gameplay. New classes are probably the biggest draw, with each existing class getting three subclasses to explore, as well as the solo Scion class. Concerning more information on the game, find more at here.

Path of Exile

Saboteur: Traps & mines
Assassin: Crit, crit, crit and poison
Trickster: Movement & evasion/energy shield

Inquisitor: Elemental
Hierophant: Totems & mana
Guardian: Defensive support

Elementalist: Elemental
Necromancer: Minions, offensive support
Occultist: Chaos damage, curses, and energy shield

Deadeye: Archer
Pathfinder: All about flasks
Raider: Speed, speed, and attack damage

Slayer: 2H damage, AoE and leech
Gladiator: 1H damage, block and bleed
Champion: Generic damage, generic damage mitigation

Berserker: Damage, warcries and leech
Chieftain: Fire, life regen, and totems
Juggernaut: Lots of defense and some movement/accuracy stuff

Pick any two ascendancies, but get a very watered down version of them. Some are okay, but overall not in a great spot right now.

Overall, the game is dark, really dark. They have the dark filtering on maximum in a lot of areas in the game. There are some brighter areas that you can play through that are really pretty. The game has a somewhat odd lasting appeal, so, players are also willing to buy poe trade currency as quickly as possible.