The Beer of Dwarves in Guild Wars 2

The race of the dwarves were peaceful for thousands of years, there was no heavy battle, so they forgot the elite skills. But now the battle broke out suddenly, so Saris did not get ready for the battle.
“Since the dwarves of the Stone Summit could learn the elite skills, though you don’t have much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, but I think you could also learn them.” The prince said insinuatingly.
“Yes, it is good that we have your help.”
After a while, the king said with a heavy heart: “In fact, the situation is bad to us. We even could not take the Borlis Pass, so you had to fight with the traitors.”
“My king, it is not your fault, now we have the same enemies, we should overcome the difficulty together with our skills and Guild Wars 2 gold.”
The king shook his head slightly, as if he did not hear what the prince said, and then he said: “The dwarves of the Stone Summit increase the military by enslaving circumjacent races, and the animals which are enslaved are strong, such as the ice puppet.”
I thought I was clever; the ice puppet was really enslaved.
“The thought of the dwarves of the Stone Summit is different from us, their leader says that the dwarves are the best race in the world, other races should be slaves of them. The demon held his soul, though he could buy Guild Wars 2 gold at will, but he made an undignified retreat from the ice god’s will.”
He mentioned the ice god just now, what kind of god was the ice god? I felt strange about the Guild Wars 2; I remembered that there were five true gods.
“You go out first; I want to talk with the king carefully.” The prince said to us.
It was good, I really did not want to listen to their talking any more, and I only wanted to know the result of the talking.
I walked slowly, and then I saw some dwarves were drinking beer, they seemed very honest, and they were teasing.
“Come to have the beer, the beer is made by ourselves, and it won’t consume your Guild Wars 2 gold.”
Though I could not have much beer, but I wanted to have a try.
On the other head of the Borlis Pass, Dagmar was with the ice empress together