The Analogous Skills in Guild Wars 2

He was so powerful, and I played the necromancer before, so I knew this skill well. Though this skill only gave the goal twelve point of additional damage, as if it was not high, but if three ghouls attacked together, there would be thirty-six point of additional damage.
The necromancer chose Baroque as the goal; did he want to second kill Baroque? I was afraid that I did not have much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.
It was the Gain Blasphemy, its profession was necromancer, its type was curse, it could give the enemy and others nearby six to forty-nine point of shadow damage, it consumed ten point of energy, the casting time was 2, and the cooling time was 15.
The elementalist was as the same as the monk, he always had many beneficial skills, so they did not always buy Guild Wars 2 gold. The necromancer used a Gain Blasphemy, though he could not get rid of the beneficial skill of Baroque, but each skill gave Baroque four to seventeen point of extra shadow damage, and the total damage was high to 100.
It was an insidious skill again, and I was familiar with it at the same time. Suddenly I remembered that I learned the Gain Pollution when I left Qaysan Empire. I used it to deal with Battle Guild before.
These two skills had the same explanation and the function, only the names and the icons were different. It was not profligacy that there were two same skills, instead, it could create more new skills, and each one could help people to get the Guild Wars 2 gold.
Nobody knew how the repetitive skills appeared at first. Maybe the magic was created on the Tyria Continent at first, and then they spread to the Qaysan Continent and other places. But users made some mistakes during the communication process; maybe the name was wrong, maybe the paternoster was wrong, so the repetitive skills appeared.
Tenor sneezed suddenly, “Who is abusing me? I don’t mistake the name of the skills.”
Baroque was attacked by the Gain Blasphemy, and the three ghouls were attacking him at the same time, so he lost much blood and Guild Wars 2 gold. But he was still the leader of the Lost Tower, so he was brave, he used a Hell Fire when he was attacking by the enemies, and then the three ghouls were burned to die.
The necromancer knight was scared when he saw the dead bodies of the ghouls, but he regained his composure soon.