Test and official operation

Test and official operation
Q: what time guild wars 2 official operation?
A: the official no clear time revealed that, just say they are ready.
Q: what’s the open beta test?
Answer: open beta will shortly before the game in operation.
Q: when closed test?
A: at present only know is in the second half of 2011 will test.
Q: is there a try?
Answer: in 2010 August 19-22 cologne in Germany have first exhibition game version of the demo, followed in 2010 September 3-5, Seattle PAX, and 2010, oct. 27-31, Paris games festival also have the same demo.
In March 2011, 11-13 Boston PAX East has a second version of the demo.
Q: guild wars 2 will have independent chapters?
A: related data show that the possibility of the expansion than out independent chapters may be big.

Original section of the 1
Q: the existing guild wars 1 what happened?
A: ArenaNet development team in their opening in chapter 4 of the guild wars 1 (has been cancelled) found that they want to do many things in the existing in-game difficult to achieve. So they think it is their best guild wars 2 way.
Q: can I continue to play the guild wars 1?
A: yes, ArenaNet has stated in the guild wars 2 after the formal operation, the server guild wars 1 will continue to run. Activities and update will also continue.
Q: can I will transfer to the role of the guild wars 1 guild wars 2?
A: no. But you can keep character name. The expansion of the guild wars, the northern eye can let you will be part of the historic achievement through the Hall (Hall of Monuments) transfer to the guild wars 2.
Q: I put the things into the historic halls, I will bring back from the guild wars 2?
Answer: special title, pets, mini pets, and a series of weapons and armor