Technical factors

Q: the guild wars 2 configuration requirements?
A: guild wars 2 configuration requirements have not yet clear, but fierce battle had higher than 1. ArenaNet plans to let configuration requirements as low as possible, and most of the players will be able to play with.

Server/the world
Q: guild wars 2 will have a lot of different server?
A: yes, but you can easily is free to switch server. But switching server will be some limit, for example, player in a short time, will not be part of the world (WvW). Waiting for the other details revealed.
Q: a server can accommodate within how many players?
A: each world will accommodate thousands of players. Each map will have a size limit, specific number has not yet know, but as far as possible more than enough.

The game
Q: my role can jump?
A: yes! The game’s first trailer made clear that role can jump. In addition it is said that role can swim and climb a tree.
Q: my role can fly?
A: no.
Q: map transfer function is also?
A: yes, the map transmission is part of the guild wars 2. And a of different guild wars, guild wars 2 map transmit need pay a small fee. In addition, the door of Ursula o are available map transfer part of the network.
Q: there are mercenaries system and hero system?
A: no mercenaries system and hero system. Before the partner of the NPC system also mentioned have been cancelled.
Q: is there about weapons and equipment of the news?
A: with world PvP PvE used equipment will be different. Equipment will use divided into light armour, medium armor and heavy armor. Weapons directly related to the role of the skills to be able to use. New weapons are also is added to the game. Whether armor or weapons can upgrade.
Q: the game I can get what items award?
A: there are a lot of different ways to reward:
-monster has things, but they will never drop some need you to take part in the special activities of everything.
-events system rewards karma (a can exchange other awards prop) and gold, and no matter whether the event successful completion. Of course I fail rewards will be reduced.
-underground city (Dungeon) will increase the reward, but has nothing to do with luck.
-Activities (Activities) there will be some cosmetic use incentives, for example can change armor or weapons appearance.
-achievements (Achievement) will have some title rewards can be displayed in your name below.
-meritorious service (Feats) will reward experience and gold