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Great way to WOW power leveling

Do you want to be level 90 fast? Then this is a great article for you!

1.Get add-ons. Add-ons are good for telling where to go for your quests. Curse Client is a good add-on app.
2.Have good armor or gear. Simple enough. You can look in the action house for gear to buy. You can just quest for good gear too.
3.Once you hit a high enough level to dungeon, you can get cool mounts and gear. It’s a great way to WOW power leveling.
4.Don’t mess around. Don’t just sit in storm wind and ride your mount all day. Get off your virtual butt and go quest.

Recommended to use a WoW power leveling guide

Warriors are the traditional tank of WoW, they are are excellent at pulling, taunting, melee damaging, and of course tanking. The Warrior class is one of the top melee dps characters you can choose to play. While Warriors are naturally good at surviving with high amounts of hit points, it’s still important to learn how to properly spec and play.

It’s highly recommended to use a WoW power leveling guide.Following the recommendations in the warrior guide can have you climbing the leveling ladder faster than you ever thought to be possible. The World of Warcraft Warrior guide was created by professional gamers that know all the ins and outs of playing Warcraft and have years of learning all the tricks. It will tell you the information step by step, so you’ll be able to level your warrior to level 90 within 1 week of playing time.

All you have to do is follow the arrow and check the guide (with its in-game window) to see what you have to do. You’ll knock off the quests boom, boom, boom and you’ll level with a surprising lack of stress.

Essential to new players WOW power leveling

Blizzard will price World of Warcraft level 90 boost at $60 to avoid “devaluing” leveling

Why do people want to jump straight to 90? These are most likely people who are raiding who want to play alts but can’t be bothered spending hours and hours going back through all that content again. Someone who isn’t playing end game would presumably want to actually play the game they’ve bought, and on top of that can still level another character to 90 with WoD. So it’s for people who want two or more alts.

We’re talking about the hardcore then. So this is trading time spent playing alts on the zones with time spent raiding. Where are these people going to be most valuable to the game? I would suggest it’s doing public dungeons/raids and making up the lower end organised raid groups, since they’re not essential to new players WOW power leveling and probably wouldn’t be filling the Barrens anyway as they’ll be power-levelling as fast as possible.

I would suggest that it’s in Blizzard’s interest to have hardcore raiders with level 90 alts then. They feed the in-game economy and keep the part of the game which requires other people populated. It’s not like they’re losing the subscription fee by speeding the process (unlike first-time players), because they’ll still be paying it regardless of what their character is doing.

What about the guys who already levelled a bunch of alts? They’re going to be pretty upset that someone else can just pay to emulate all the hard hours they put in. I don’t know if it would be enough to force them to leave, but bad feeling from those guys would probably filter down through the raiding guilds. I’m not sure how much Blizz care about that, but my guess is that’s what they’re talking about when they say they don’t want to devalue leveling.

The accomplishment of WOW power leveling

World of Warcraft level 90 character boosts will cost $60 because developer Blizzard Entertainment did not want to diminish the value of in-game levelling, the company has said.

“In terms of the pricing, honestly, a big part of that is not wanting to devalue the accomplishment of WOW power leveling,” lead encounter designer Ion Hazzikostas told Eurogamer.

Hazzikostas said if Blizzard wanted to sell as many level 90 boosts as possible, it could have made them less expensive, in the ballpark of $10 or so. But players might not level traditionally, through gameplay, if they could buy their way to the top for so cheap, he said.

Overall, Hazzikostas said Blizzard’s goal with the level 90 character boosts is to provide busy players–those with family responsibilities or limited gaming time–a means to enjoy high-level content with one of their alternate characters.

“Levelling is something that takes dozens if not over 100 hours in many cases and people have put serious time and effort into that, and we don’t want to diminish that,” Hazzikostas said. “It’s just to allow people who want to purchase additional level 90s, maybe they want a second or third alt and they don’t have time to level it themselves because they have a family or etc–it’s to allow them to do that.”

Still, some players might see Blizzard’s introduction of paid character boosts as a signal that World of Warcraft is becoming more of a “pay-to-win” title instead of a progression-based game. This is not the case, creative director Alex Afrasiabi said.

“Game design, half of it is about trust. And I think that our playerbase trusts us implicitly and you never want to break trust between the player and developer,” Afrasiabi told. “And I think pay-to-win does that. And I think that is really our stance; we are not about pay-to-win in World of Warcraft. That is not gonna happen.”


An item is something that a World of Warcraft player character can carry, either in their inventory, represented by an inventory icon, or tracked on a page in the character sheet. An item is a conceptual object in the player’s head, not an object in the game world, although an item may also have an object associated with it. For example, clothing gear items are equipped, clothing gear objects appear on the character. When a guardian pet item is used, a guardian pet is spawned in the game world, much like summoning.
A character can purchase items from vendors, can receive items as rewards for quests, and can loot items from many objects, such as corpses of kills. Most items can be sold to vendors. Depending on how an item binds, it may be able to be bought and sold in the auction house, or mailed to another character.

Items are interacted with, equipped, used, bought, or sold, by right clicking the icon in the correct venue. Right clicking will have different, perhaps unexpected results depending on the venue; attempting to equip an item when you are talking to a vendor will sell the item to the vendor. (You can buy it back if you notice it.) A few items have passive abilities and only need to be carried.

There is a trend to make some items teach a character how to summon, rather than spawning objects directly, so that the item does not continually consume inventory space. Companions and mounts are no longer spawned from items, now the pet or mount item teaches the character to summon the pet or mount.

Container items can contain other items or may represent a conceptual game item that has no representation of its own.

Items are divided into several categories, based on their rarity and usefulness: see Quality. 


Soulbound is the property of an item that prevents it from being traded or mailed to another character or sold in the Auction House.
Items usually become soulbound one of five ways:

Acquiring the item marked as “Bind on Pickup”. Items given as quest rewards are usually BoP. Looting an BoP item should give you a warning alert that this item will bind to you.
Equipping an item that is marked as “Bind on Equip”. You should get a warning alert that this item will bind to you. Most of the better equippable items bind on equip.
Using an item that is marked as “Bind on Use”.
Using certain enchants on a non-bound item.
Soulbinding is a game mechanism to prevent too much twinking from occurring. Higher-level characters cannot give their older equipment as hand-me-downs to their friends and guild mates.
Note that you can have soulbound items modified by other characters by putting the item in the bottom (“Will Not Be Traded”) spot of the trade window. You can have a blacksmith attach spurs to a soulbound boot, or an enchanter apply an enchantment to a soulbound item this way. The only way to dispose of one is to either sell it to vendor, hand it over as a quest objective, destroy it, use it as a spell/trade skill reagent, or disenchant it if you’re an enchanter.

The item can also become Account bound. It happens to items marked as Binds to account after being acquired by a player. Unlike soulbound items, they can be sent by mail to other characters of the same account and realm, including those of opposing faction (patch 3.3).

See also 

Bind on Pickup

What kind of items
Most loot from bosses and rewards from quests are Bind on Pickup.
Vendor-purchased PvP rewards and most reputation rewards are also Bind on Pickup.
Crafted items that are Bind on Pickup can only be acquired by making them yourself.
It is sometimes possible to drop the crafting profession after having made any BoP items you want from it.
However, some of these items require a certain skill level or specialization in order for you to equip or use them.
Warnings and group loot
A warning appears before a player loots a Bind on Pickup item, asking if the player is sure they want to do so. This also applies for rolling on a BoP item (either Need or Greed) while using Group Loot. However, BoP items acquired while in a group can be traded to other group members if conditions are met. This is normally only available for a limited time; in the case of instance drops the items may be traded for up to two hours after they dropped. Enchanting, socketing or otherwise manipulating an item will make it immediately untradeable.
It is not possible to have an item that binds when picked up in your inventory without it being bound to you.
Note that the in-game tooltip actually displays the words “Binds when picked up”, which is why some players use “BwP”, but “BoP” is the most common form. The term “Bind on Acquire” is sometimes used by players, but never appears in-game and is unsuitable as its abbreviation (BoA) can easily be confused with the Bind to Account form of soulbinding. 

Make A Wow Mule Character

Bank toon, bank alt, mule character, pack rat, whatever you call it, it holds your items and it keeps all your items in a safe and place and keeping your main character(s) nice and light with room to work around. Having a mule character can benefit a lot, but may take a little toll on your time and a bit of your money to send things around.

First off, having a mule character on your account would help your account guard some safe things if it is compromised; most hackers don’t realize some main characters aren’t holding all the valuable things and may think you’re just poor in general if you have all your stuff on your mule. Your mule character may just look like an alternate character you never finished! Keep in mind not many hackers take their time on accounts, they usually just get your stuff, throw some stuff around and leave. They don’t take the time to search all your characters for all your valuable things and just throw them all out, they go to the highest leveled character or the one that looks the one most worked on and go on it. Having a mule character can also help you with your bag space. Being the person not having enough space in bags to take that nexus shard that was dis-enchanted during a raid on Karazhan because your bags were too full because your bank was full also! You don’t want to be full in your bags either way, and you may not want to spend lots of money trying to upgrade your bags to top notch bags so making a mule might be a great idea for you.

To make a mule is a simple process, go to your main account and create a character. Choose a name with in mind that to save your mule from being targeted first from hackers, choose a name that doesn’t include something about it being a mule or a bank alternate character. Then, it doesn’t matter if you’d like to level it up at all, you can just rush off from your starting grounds to the nearest capital city. Once you reach the capital city nearest you, park your mule at the mailbox for easy access to things you send to your mule from your main character.

To send things to a mule is an even easier process, you take the item(s) you want to send to your mule and put it in the mailbox and send it off to your mule. Before you send your mail, check the name you’re sending it to; you don’t want to send the hard earned item to jonn instead of john! Now, it is time to wait, relax and sit for a bit. For a mail to be sent to another character, it takes an hour for it to reach the mule character; this system is to prevent from gold buyers getting gold, items and such from the mailbox. Once an hour has passed, put away your sunglasses, your smoothie, and your bathing suit and go onto your mule; your item should be there right in the mailbox if sent to the correct person. If not, wait a couple more minutes and see if it’s there, then check your main’s “sent” tab in the mailbox and see if you sent it to the correct person. If not, you’re a bit out of luck, but everything takes a time to check if you want to do it correctly.

Having a bank alternate, a mule, or a bank toon could really boost your time getting items and not having to wait in sadness while the items are passed out while you are sitting with full bags and bank. Get a mule and your days will be much happier. Happy muling! 

Farm Gold: Don’t Buy It!

When you were about an hour into your Warcraft session planning out some gear you may need in the future, you spot you might need to get a crafted gear which costs loads of gold to be able to make for the materials; you think, and you come up with the idea of just buying the gold off some site your friend referred you to. This is where you can go wrong, buying gold compared to making your own gold by farming is a big difference.

Farming your own gold can be much safer. Blizzard is a long-term company, and has been around for years; since they have been around so long, they have developed a sophisticated way to track gold sellers and especially gold buyers. Gold buying is a very risky thing to do, for with very hard-coded software they developed and tons of game masters working at a time, in a couple hours your account could go poof into the sky and you may never get on it again. Why do they do this? Because, according to the terms of use, the selling of the virtual currency for real life currency is against the terms of use.

Also, having your farmed gold can support the server’s economy; have you ever wondered why some of those items are so high priced? Because, with all the people buying gold and buying those certain things over and over again, causes the demand to go higher than the suppliers can supply. Thus, with this in mind, it will cause the prices of that item(s) to inflate. The economy of a server, or a game, is very delicate and if Blizzard lets these things go, that linen cloth could be out of your reach in no time at all!

When you go out to buy gold, you may think, you’re done with buying gold. Oh no, once you go into buying gold, you never come back; if you buy too much gold, or buy it so frequently, your account may become under suspicion and watched very closely by game masters and banned the second they find evidence. When you buy that item you have always wanted, you notice something else and you automatically think, you should buy gold again! It’s a vicious cycle, depleting your cash in your bank and next thing you know you’re living on crackers and water because you spent so much on buying gold.

Buying gold cannot be compared to making your own gold for with these things in mind, it can be a very dangerous thing and can eventually deplete your money and/or get your hard worked account banned! So, go out into the Nagrand air, and fly up to the Elemental Plateau and farm those fire elementals! 

Don’t Exploit Or Hack: It’s Illegal

These days, you may have seen rarely a hacker running at top speeds through Azahara while you were trying to quest and level up; you may have thought that it may speed your leveling up and help you out trying to level and such. But, using those programs to cheat in a game can be a trap and compromise your account you worked so hard for! Just even trying it out once and collapse all your hard work you spent hours and days on leveling up!

When you see that hacker, you think, let’s check Google for this kind of hack and download it from the site! Wait a minute right there buddy, that’s where the first problem with even doing these things is that it’s not safe to even visit the site nor download it sometimes! Some sites were set up mainly just to infect your computer system and key-log your accounts; just visiting the site can open a whole new world of misery for you. Even though the site may be safe, the program may be not; downloading programs from the internet has always been a problem if it’s not validated by some other people.

Sure, you may have downloaded it correctly and you are sure it doesn’t have viruses. Problem number two is encountered; World of Warcraft has been running for years, along with that, Blizzard has been open for even longer!

With such a long running game and company, would you expect something other than sophisticated, stealthy, guard programs watching your every move to see if you’re trying to attempt to hack World of Warcraft? Of course not!

Why do you think they ask you to agree with the terms of service, terms of use and all those policies with them saying you allow them to scan your computer for these types of things? Because they want to keep the game clean and give it the tip top shape it is in; World of Warcraft is one of the top MMORPGs running at the moment, they don’t want to lose their spot, do they?

So, if you do get caught by one of these programs, and by the time you get onto the login screen, most likely you’re banned already.

Okay, if you ever got into the game from those sophisticated programs, you’re now in the World of Warcraft world flying up places, climbing up walls, and doing a bunch of whacky things. Oh wait, you’re in Stormwind at peak hours and it looks like you’re climbing up the chapel with I dunno, a hundred people are able to see you? You see, every server has about more than a thousand players online at a time, spread them out in each zone, you’re likely to be seen and caught in no time.

Why do you think people pay about $15 a month to play a game? They want good quality, a good moderated game, and a nice community with no hackers. So, guess what? They report you on the spot once they see your name going up and down while you are walking on the green hill of Arathi Basin.

Keep in mind also, there are game masters hired for World of Warcraft that have bots that tell them if something is awkward in the game; that awkward thing may be you and they check you out. They click a button, and bam! You’re gone, and banned.

Keep in mind, Blizzard is a long running game company, that has a couple online games that have been running for a long while with good ratings; how do they accomplish this? Keeping people from hacking, botting, and exploits. Using these programs could mess up your hard work, and compromise your security of your computer. Play legitly, play happily, and be a good citizen of Warcraft.