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What are POE 3.8 Pros and Cons of Zombies vs Skeletons?

On the surface constantly summoning skeletons seems worse but it’s actually the opposite IMO. Skeletons summon quickly and where you want, multiple at a time with the jewel, it’s super easy.


Zombies, however, are a pain in the arse, you will need to constantly resummon them on harder maps and bosses as they tend to die (whereas my frost sentinels went a week without needing to be resummoned), they are harder to resummon as you need to be near corpses, it’s one at a time, overall much slower.
I found them pretty underwhelming, nowhere near as fun as seeing 40 Vaal skeletons on screen. Was using a minion build with zombies, Vaal skellies, specters, a golem, herald of agony & holy relic. Zombies were definitely the hardest part to manage. If I was gonna just choose 2 I’d go specters (frost sentinels) & Vaal skeletons (using both normal & Vaal). Fast ranged clearing with targeted DPS swarm, they compliment each other really well.

The good thing about minion skill trees is that they are usually generic, meaning you can swap between specters, srs, zombies, skeletons, without having to change your tree much if at all.I personally lean toward skeletons. You can use Precision to give them 100% accuracy, or go Champion instead of Necromancer and grab Worthy Foe. They work fine for both mapping and bossing but you can use a 4-6L specter or zombie setup for clear.

Skeletons are the boss wreckers. Vaal version even more so. You do have to summon them often but they cast quickly. You can also use a threshold jewel that drops more sales per cast. Casting then often is not much of a burden with the jewel. People state they have superior dps to zombies and that Vaal summons skeletons are a boss melter (is this true??)
I have to constantly re-summon them.
I am somewhat forced to use the queen’s escape for clear speed quality of life.
I have to build minion accuracy in my build because skeleton chance to hit is not particularly high (this might be not true if the old “skeletons can’t miss” node is still around with the 3.8 trees).

Zombies always feel kind of blah to me. They can also do some crazy damage and they don’t require as much upkeep for normal mapping. For bossing they are too high maintenance for me. They did a lot and are super expensive to resuming mid-fight. Even with montreghoul. Hopefully, that changes in 3.8.

NO need to constantly re-summon them (this is really huge in my eyes). Slam attack never misses. I can use monte gruels grasp for bossing and the extra cool factor of huge zombies.

In either case, I preferred running them with specters for clear. Even 4l specters were able to bump up clear a ton. Minion speed changes could turn that on its head though. If zombies didn’t fall over so easily on the big bosses I’d probably prefer them to skeles. Skeles felt like the faster setup to me though as I’d only drop them when specters couldn’t one-shot something. At last, If you want to read more path of exile blight guides, you can visit: https://eznpc.com.