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NBA 2K17: How To Addressed Dribbling Animation And PlayStation 4 Problems

Patch 1.06 just was launched, it appears to be one of the biggest update for NBA 2K17 on the PlayStation 4, thanks to the 7.4 Gb patch, it have been successfully dealed with many problems with game on the upgraded Sony console.





Not just for the PlayStation 4 Pro, but also for Xbox One, a myriad of other in-game fixes are also included in the update, as referenced from NBA 2K’s official Facebook post regarding the announcement. Some of the outstanding changes in the bunch include an improved artificial intelligence which enables a CPU-controlled team going offensive and make certain plays.

Moderating on the game’s imposed realism, players who found exploit with the game’s “unrealistic speed bursts” during a combo or a size-up escape, may find the same advantageous situation addressed. Making generalized tweaks across all aspects of the game, patch 1.06 is also responsible with the improvements seen in the MyGM / MyLeague modes, MyPark, as well as the vaguely-stated “small bug fixes and adjustments.”


According to GameSpot, the main highlight of the PlayStation 4 Pro fix involves the serious gameplay issue whereby the pass icons go missing for those who are playing the game under 4K-resolution. Given that teamplay is at the core of the sport, having to pass around the ball is critical in the game as in the real-life sport.

Another nagging problem that was fixed with the update is the issue that plagued PlayStation 4 users relating to the dribbling animation. Players who found their controlled character queuing up wrong dribbles instead of a follow-up drive or a double crossover will find delight that the issue has now been addressed. Both in-game bugs found for the PlayStation 4 Pro version are now fixed with update 1.06.

Even if for the update, on PlayStation as well as Xbox One, both version is now available. But, notably, the later only gets a 2.6 GB update.


NBA 2K17 & Fitbits: NBA 2K17 Player Will Be Rewarded

By adding in-game rewards for those who use its wearable, now that Fitbit is attempting to drum up its appeal to video gamers. In accordance to the fitness tracking company, it has announced an intergration with the game NBA 2K17, to that end, gamers have chance to receive a small in-game boost to their MyPlayer, it’s safe to say that a custom character, if they meet Fitbit’s 10,000 steps goal for the day. Are you fascinate with cheap NBA 2K17 MT?


Dallas Maverick and Fitbit ambassador Harrison Barnes said that the integration gives him an “extra incentive” to meet his target steps due to the additional gaming edge he gets as a result. It’s worth noting, however, that Barnes belongs to the camp of individuals who will probably meet their target with or without game integration.

Although the announcement sets an interesting precedent to gamify exercise and merge physical activities with the gaming world, the NBA 2K17 / Fitbit partnership may not provide enough rewards for devoted NBA 2K17 players to start tracking their steps, unless it’s something they are already doing. You are likely not to experience NBA 2K17 unless you intend to buy NBA 2K17 MT PC.

The partnership is the first integration between a wearable tracker and a console video game, though it builds on an existing trend of fitness device makers partnering with other companies in a bid to attract more users.

In fact, speaking of Fitbit, it has a corporate wellness service, on top of that, it can partnership with Fortune 500 companies, at the same time, it has also worked with health insurers, including Anthem as well as Premera Bule Cross, in certain condition care programs, and use its products, regarding the integartion, it will be launched for users on November 25th, it’s worth delighting that just in time for the holiday season.


NBA 2K17 Historical Team Rosters Adds Steve Nash

On Wednesday, a superstar player was filled in NBA 2K17 roster update: Steve Nash, the former Dallas Maverick and Phoenix Suns great player, was added to the 02-03 Dallas Mavericks and the 04-05 Phoenix Suns squads.

When NBA 2K17 was released, many gamers were disappointed to discover that Steve Nash was missing from the rosters of the 2003 Dallas Mavericks and 2005 Phoenix Suns. Since Nash’s inclusion in NBA 2K16 was still covered by the NBA Players Association license, it was speculated that his absence from NBA 2K17 was simply due to oversight, or an inability to work out a deal for his likeness rights before the rosters had to be finalised and approved by the NBA. It certainly wasn’t due to a lack of respect or knowledge on 2K’s part.

Fortunately, it seems that we won’t have to wait until next year to get the two-time NBA Most Valuable Player back in the game, as Steve Nash is included in the latest NBA 2K17 roster update. Nash appears on both the 2003 Mavericks and 2005 Suns, with appropriate ratings and bio data for each season. 2003 Nash is rated 86 Overall, while 2005 Nash is rated 93 Overall.


This isn’t the first time that 2K has managed to add a missing historical player through the official roster updates. Julius Erving was originally absent from NBA 2K14, but after coming to terms on a new deal, 2K were able to add him to the game. It remains to be seen whether any more missing historical players will be added in future updates, as there are still some noteworthy players absent from historical team rosters, including Rasheed Wallace.

The former two-time MVP had been included on both teams in last year’s game, but Nash was also still listed as a free agent in NBA 2K16. Because he’s now officially retired, his inclusion in the game requires an individual licensing agreement that apparently hadn’t been finalized in time for the game’s initial release.

Some may wonder whether players like Rasheed Wallace or Reggie Miller could be added in a similar roster update. It’s not entirely impossible, though it seems unlikely.

Negotiations with those two may not be as smooth, and even if an agreement was reached, 2K’s developers would still have to build a head for them in the game. That could take some time.

As per Mike Wang over in the Operation Sports forums, the latest roster update also includes Adaptive Coaching Engine updates by Da_Czar and Scott O’Gallagher, and a decrease in injury frequency to lower body parts. Contract extensions have also been updated, along with some three-point tendencies and other player attributes.

Which players would you want to add to later roster update? Let us know what you think of these player ratings.