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Buying in Bulk Making WOW Classic gold

Buying in bulk can save you a lot of things you need. You can also make money from buying and reselling. As a rule, you should remember to buy low and sell high! Whenever you have the opportunity to buy bulk items or stacks of cloth, etc. you should take advantage of you. When you resell, you can split things up and sell for more.

Hard to Find Items
As you may already know, you can make a lot of WOW Classic Gold EU from hard to find items. When you learn how to get a hard to find item, you can continue to get it over and over again and selling it for huge profits. There are many different items within the game that people will pay good money for. Find out what these items are and spend some time just going to get them.

Trade Skill Items
Items that people need to level up their trade skills are always useful items to make money from. If you have cloth, but you are not a tailor, HOLD ONTO IT! Don’t just sell it to a vendor. You can make a lot of Gold off of that cloth.
There are many people out there who want to level their professions quickly, and if you have items that they need, they might buy them off of you instead of hunting for them. The cloth is a perfect example because some types of cloth are hard to get. This makes them worth more. For example, a stack of Mageweave can go for 1-3 gold smoothly.
You have two trade skills you can learn! Make use of them, and If your going to want some extra cash that you have to spend on items or training, then it is suggested that you start your profession of choice!
There are a couple of things to do before you pick your skills.
Make sure your skills are complementary to each other if you are picking up something like blacksmithing, leatherworking, engineering, or Alchemy. If you’re going to pick up Blacksmithing, it is highly suggested you pick up mining, so you don’t always have to be looking for materials and paying out the buttocks for one.
If you aren’t really into crafting, don’t go into it! It isn’t worth wasting one of your two possible primary skills on! Skills are meant to be useful and help you out if you’re not going to use it pick up something easy to work with such as skinning.
Make sure you go from Journeyman to Expert to Artisan as soon as you can! If you are maxed on skill (Except for once there is no more to learn) you’re wasting what could be potential levels. Like any other profession, keep up to date on your skills.