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What Features Do You Want To See In Madden NFL 18: Part Two

We introduced four features in last article: What Features Do You Want To See In Madden NFL 18: Part One, so today we will release the rest four features which many players want to see in Madden NFL 18, we will introduce from the following four parts: More emotion, Energise the draft, Add a sense of grandeur to Madden Ultimate Team and Improved visuals and physics.



More emotion

From the owner to the coach, the star player to the billiards, the Madden NFL 18 will benefit from some means of communicating the emotions of the digital incarnation.
At present, everyone feels some robots, lacking humanism. A morale system may affect the individual and the overall team’s ability, and the player’s view is influenced by the factors that include the person he plays together, whether he feels noble, if he is happy in the present city, or he thinks he should have more Good contract. Emotions mean that you have to think more about how you manage your team off the court, adding another layer of plot to draw meaning.

Energise the draft

The NFL draft is one of the most exciting and surprising parts of the season, and the team makes a huge bet on the players who will be the next superstar movement and lead them into the superstar. However, at Madden, the draft is even more reminiscent of the types of spreadsheets you have found in accounting firms.
We want to be able to carry out reconnaissance so that we can see the prospect of action before picking; we want more about the player’s achievement at the university level and more interaction between the draft days.

Attracting days should look like when watching on TV, at least you should feel that you have enough information to make informed decisions.

Add a sense of grandeur to Madden Ultimate Team

For all the popularity, the Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) has never taken full advantage of the real NFL in creating a much larger atmosphere than the sporting atmosphere.
Some of the hosts that may seem like small and novel new features will be a great way to make MUT’s presentation consistent with the NFL presentation. For example, fully customizing your jersey, stadiums, and even the crowd waving banners and banner capabilities will lead to personalization and your greater contact with your team.

Whenever you get a real superstar card, it’s nice to see a short highlights of a player’s best moments. At least you can see the player’s career data list. MUT is essentially a fantasy football game, it can do more things, make you think you are part of fantasy.

Improved visuals and physics

The Madden NFL 18 will be the first version of the franchise to use the Frostbite engine, which is the foundation of the EA DICE battlefield team’s game creation. Last year, FIFA 17 was used for the first time in last year’s sporting event, and it would be more interesting to see its contribution to Madden NFL 18 in terms of visual fidelity and general animation quality.

Frost should also produce far superior physics between the player and the ball. In the Madden NFL 17, often encounter clumsy limbs or players bent, when they try to force them through a series of people, they become sticking to the surrounding people. Eliminating this situation will greatly increase the sense of realism.

Now we have summed up the wishes of all the Madden players, but then if we will see in Madden NFL 18, these suggestions if will be adopted, we do not know, but since it is a new game, certainly better than before Improvement, anyway, we are still looking forward to the release of Madden NFL 18.

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