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News About Madden 18 Story Mode

After the release of the new Madden 18 trailer, a lot of Madden 18 fans said that the new model, although the official has not given the name of the new model, but the fans are called the story mode, because from the recent Madden 18 trailer, the game adds a lot of story, which will not make Madden NFL 18 more interesting?




EA has given the fans little information to deal with, but in the trailer to provide enough information to attract us more appetite. Despite the lack of official information, but did not prevent people from guessing what the new model will bring. From the June 10 EA Play, we will receive all the information. EA spokesman and “American Today” (American Today) talk about the speculation after the release of speculation.

My idea is that the new model will be a narrow version of the “My Player” model that NBA2K fans think. For soccer fans who are unfamiliar with the 2K series, your role is to start by choosing a school in several popular college basketball programs. For example, I chose to play for George Town. The game then allows you to play several college games that your performance affects your draft. The following is a deep understanding of the model.

So what do you think of the story mode in Madden 18? Do you think this is a good innovation or a bad decision? Because everyone has a different idea, some fans think good and some others think bad, so please share your views on the story mode in Madden 18 below the article, if you want to know more Madden 18 news, you can pay attention to “Madden 18 News” page on www.madden-store.com.

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