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The trick of Lockpicking in Elder Scrolls Online

The Trick of Lockpicking in Elder Scrolls Online

when you explore in Elder Scrolls Online, you will come across locked doors and chests hiding loot like other players. Do you know how to lockpick?

You are likely to already know the lockpicking mechanic in Elder Scrolls Online, if you have played Oblivion before. If you haven’t, try to unlock chests and lock picks that you can find littered throughout the world, or you can also buy them from vendors. Unlocking chests and doors can be tough, but the more you manage to lockpick, the higher your skill will gets and the easier future lockpicking gets.

The trick of Lockpicking in Elder Scrolls Online
The interactive lock will appears on your screen, and you can see five pins. If you are on PC, press down your lockpick on each pin to unlock it by left clicking. You can also unlock it by holding the right trigger if you’re on console. The time of picking each lock in Elder Scrolls Online is limited. Don’t spend more time on it because if you spend more time on it, the lock level will be higher.

Is there a  trick to lockpicking successfully? Yes the trick is to release each pin just as it begins to wiggle. You will hear the click after you let go. That means it has been unlocked. After you unlock one then quickly move to the other pins before the time runs out. Don’t be afraid to fail, your lockpicking skill increases with each attempt, the only cost is the lockpicks.