EA Released FIFA 15 Sixth Batch Shock you

EA Sports have released the sixth batch of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Winter Transfers. Remember that in order to get one of these new cards, you will have to get them in packs or buy them in the market house. The existing players’ cards do not update. They just stop to be released in packs. Here it is the some players list of the sixth batch of FIFA 15 Ultimate…


Liverpool Vs Bolton Later, Coutinho Given a Pack in FIFA 15

The Liverpool Vs Bolton result is now in, with the Reds managing to escape with a 1-2 victory in the dying stages. They have playmaker Philippe Coutinho to thank for that and we can see that EA has already wasted no time in awarding the player with a MOTM Coutinho card in FIFA 15 Coins PS4 and others FUT. Even better, is that we can see that one player has…