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Strange Guide: Formal Wear Challenges In Fallout 76 And Where To Get

In the world of Fallout 76, there exist some confusing things, especially some of the daily and weekly challenges that are set. Some of the challenges even ask you to put on “Formal Wear” while you level up or complete quest.

So far, it is still not completely clear what perceive as “Formal Wear and Hats” in Fallout 76, and few things that you’d expect to count, don’t.

Luckily, here is one of the Fallout 76 outfits that are confirmed to work when finishing these Fallout 76 challenges, along with where you can get them.

Formal Wear In The Game Of Fallout 76

First of all, with many thanks to massive posters on Reddit, we get such a conclusion, which is the easiest items to acquire and complete the challenges with are the “Bowler”, “Dirty Tan Suit” and “Red Dress”.

If you already do not have any other these items, then they’re very easy to get about 70 Fallout 76 bottle caps.

You just need to go to the Whitespring Resort – one of our most popular locations in all of Fallout 76 – go inside and then go downstairs into the underground mall.

In order to find the Whitespring Resort, you should go northeast from Uncanny Caverns or Lewisburg, or you should go east from Charleston or New Gad, or you can go south from Top of the World (Here Is The Location Of Whitespring Resort Below).

Whitespring Resort Fallout 76

Whitespring Resort Location Pic In Fallout 76

Now you can see these clothes prices:

FIRST: The “Bowler” is marked 36 bottle caps. And please be aware, you must buy the “Bowler”, not the “Bowler Hat”. And if you purchase it wrong. This will not be counted towards the challenge. For reason? Who knows?

Fallout 76 Formal Wear

Bowler Formal Wear In Fallout 76

SECOND: The dirty tan suit is 34 Caps.

Fallout 76 Formal Wear

Dirty Tan Suit Formal Wear In Fallout 76

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: The price tag says that the red dress formal wear need 36 bottle caps.


Fallout 76 Red Dress Formal Wear

Red Dress Formal Wear In Fallout 76