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Albion Online: Beta Testing To Continue Through Q1 2017

For the Albion Online team, recently, posting a brief post on the game’s official forum to let players know that, even if regarding the beta testing has been going well, nonetheless, with respect to the game’s core systems need spend much time on developing. In that end, for the beta testing process will continue through at least March of 2017. Be remind that cheap albion online gold for sale.


The Final Beta has been running for a little more than two months. It is a good time to let you know our view on the status quo of the game and give you an update on the way forward.

Compared to Beta 1, we have fixed a lot bugs, addressed some critical game design issues and added new exciting features and content to the game. On the other hand, some of the changes made between Beta 1 and Final Beta have created new issues that need to be addressed.

When in February or March 2017, the team would have been made enough efforts so as to result in a in-beta wipe with release hopefully shortly thereafter. How to get cheapest albion online gold?