Skills what you should know


Energy Boon: changed skill type to enchantment spell; increased casting time to 1 second; increased cost to 10 Energy; reduced recharge to 20 seconds; changed functionality to: “For 36…60 seconds, Energy Boon raises the maximum Health of you and target ally by 1…3 for each point of your respective maximum Energy. When this enchantment is first applied, you and your target gain 1…12 Energy. You gain an additional 1 Energy for every 2 points you have in Energy Storage.”


  Gust: changed functionality to: “For 5…11 seconds, both you and target ally move 33% faster. When you cast this spell, all foes near you and your target take 15…70 cold damage. Foes struck by Gust while attacking or moving are knocked down.”


  Mirror of Ice: reduced casting time to 0.75 seconds; reduced Energy cost to 10; reduced recharge to 12; changed functionality to: “Shatter a Mirror of Ice. All foes near you and target ally take 15…70 cold damage and move 66% slower for 2…6 seconds. If you strike a foe hexed with Water Magic, Mirror of Ice recharges 50% faster.


  Stone Sheath: reduced recharge to 12 seconds; changed functionality to: “For 5…20 seconds, you and target ally have +1…35 armor and are immune to critical hits. When you cast this spell, all foes near you and your target take 15…70 earth damage and are Weakened for 5…20 seconds.”


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