Q: whether skills can capture?
A: can’t. Skills can purchase or through the rewards and trophy available. Monster with professional system no longer bound, and so will not have skills capture system.
Q: the number of eight skills limit?
A: now is 10 skills limit. Top five by vocational skills and equipped weapon decision. After five skills by player choose their own, including a treatment skills and an elite skills.
Q: how many skills in the game?
A: guild wars 2 skills will be much less than 1 in battle. Guild wars 2 skills will pay attention to quality, not quantity. Each class is about four to five treatment skills, 4-eight elite skills, and a general skills (20 professional skills and 8 racial), and 20 to 60 a weapon skill.

Q: each race starting point in different areas?
A: yes, each of the RACES are in different area began, has a different story line. However, different story line will join together. When players create role, after a short tutorial, and characters, can through the door to other Ursula o the capital of race.
Q: will have a production system?
A: you will in 8 make the choice in the subject, change make discipline will not lost the original subject the progress and formula. But players can’t specializes in production. And they want to use the player just forging or want to sell, and you don’t have to make level of “upgrade”.
Ask: have the auction house or other in-game trading system?
Answer: there is. Market (marketplace) will be added to allow players to business. As long as the trade goods is registered, trade can also in players when offline.
Q: is there a player’s proprietary house?
A: yes, every character would have a home copy, is located in the capital of their race. According to their choice of biography, home would be different. Along with the development of the personal stories, the home will also be changing.
Ask: have the news about the task?
A: the traditional task system will be removed, replaced by a dynamic event system (dynamic event systems). Dynamic events took place in the world in a certain region, any player can find and get involved. The main task and guild wars 1 task to be personal story line cooperation (personal storyline) instead. Personal story involves a custom story to tell the copies of the model.
Q: can I was alone play (solo) not?
A: yes, the game can only by your character a man, and no or other players are involved in. But some game content must with other players is together can, single person can not is play into that.
Q: the game to have “before destruction” (pre-searing) area, like the chapter 1 1 guild wars like that? (note: the destruction of the former is a special new area, and characters, can do from here to destroy, but after the main once left the destruction will never return not. So with other place before destruction has not the same economic system. A lot of players like stay before its destruction)
A: no. Because of the different RACES in different area began.